Friday, March 16, 2007

Another view of Ireland...."Giant's Causeway"

This was somewhere that my team went to one day when we had a free day. We went to Co. Donegal to a castle and to Co. Antrim, sightseeing. This is the view of one of the "Seven Wonders of the World"........"The Giant's Causeway" and it is unlike anything I had ever seen. Simply said, it is GORGEOUS! On a clear day they say you can see Scotland, the day we went wasn't too clear, in fact the sea was wild and we had some rain and the waves were billowing up and over on to us as we stood out onto the rocks. Yet I wouldn't have missed it for the world even though I was cold and WET! Welcome to Ireland, where it really does rain nearly every day. It did when I was there...........10 days! But it is the GREENEST land you will ever see. They say there are 50 shades of "Green" in Ireland. I believe it. I loved the rolling hills and the greenness of the land. I will never let those images leave out of my mind for they are all precious and lovely ones at that.

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