Thursday, March 15, 2007

Delirious "IS" coming but it's a "closed concert????"

Okay, I don't know how this works yet, but I called for tickets as the "furious website" instructed. That is the website name for Delirious. When I called where the concert is to be staged at, they instructed me to call another church here in town, which I did, and they told me there...."that tickets are NOT for sell and ALL the seats are already taken." I said...."All the seats are already taken????" And the secretary said....."yes." Sooooo what does a person say after that? It seemed a bit bizarre but I just said...."thanks" and hung up the phone.
That is a bummer to know. I hopefully can get to the bottom of this mystery. Because it is a mystery if a well known worship band (who is my FAVORITE) is coming to your city all the way from England, in a month and " all the seats are already taken." Seems a bit odd.
However, we are old friends of this church, love the Pastor, know the staff, etc. etc. so maybe we can see what is going on. Could be they are reserving this concert for their youth group or something. Who knows? IF you do know......just let me know because I love a great mystery, but more so when I know the ending.

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