Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Famous little rocker in London, England

Here is a photo I just got this morning of Eli Naska. Isn't he the cutest little thing! His Mom and Dad just sent his "16 week old photos" out of him and I thought I would put one on here. You see, his Mom and Dad are Drew and Sarah Naska, missionaries to London, England. Many of you prayed for them when Eli was being born because Sarah and Eli were in distress because her water had broke early and they weren't doing much over there to help her. So I sent out a million prayer requests to everyone all over the WORLD that I could think of......end result......Eli and look how good he's doing.
Many of you asked how Sarah made out and I sent you e-mails telling you how Eli was born and was healthy.
I have to make this statement now....isn't prayer worth it? I say so.

Continue to pray for these parents. They have left all that is familier in the United States, family, food, the comforts of home, to work with the youth in the U.K.....they especially work with a lot of Muslim kids and anyone that's been to England in the past few years, or even watches FOX News, or CNN, knows, there is a huge Muslim population in the U.K.
Drew and Sarah deserve our prayers and our support financially if you are able to do it. I know they don't live on much and Sarah who was working as a "Nanny" for a family before Eli was born, isn't working now. If your interested in supporting them.......check out the site for "Fire-International" http://www.fire-international.org/ which is the Missions Agency they work with where you are able to do that and see their photo and their bio telling who they are and what they do.
THANKS for praying for Eli, Sarah, and Drew Naska.

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dan ohlerking said...

thanks for the heads up about eli. i remember praying for him and his momma like crazy when he was being born. great to see such a cool kid in that pic.