Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Delirious is coming!!!!

YEA!!! Delirious is coming to Bethany World Prayer Center on April 10th (next month) and I am sooooo excited. I just happened to for some odd reason, look at their website and saw their U.S. Tour Dates and noticed that they were going to go to my Dad's town in Quincy Illinois, which I thought was weird because it's a small town...so I thought......"hummmm, wonder if they are coming anywhere close to us" and to my amazement I read where they are coming to BATON ROUGE! I am posting this now so that those of you that are fans of their worship music like we are can go and see them as well! I am calling for tickets TOMORROW......I already tried today and the offices were closed! I saw them in New Orleans once and they were great....very awesome so I know this will be a great concert. I wonder who helped line them up to come here???? I would like to THANK them.
I wonder if Dan Ohlerking had anything to do with this because his parents saw them last year in Rwanda when they went there with Joyce Meyer's Ministries and they really liked them too. So there is a good recommendation right there. Dave and Jean Ohlerking like Delirious.....by the way, just for those of you that don't know.....Dave and Jean Ohlerking run a fabulous ministry called "Childrens Cup" and they feed and give medical aid to thousands of children in Africa and beyond. Check out their website http://www.childrenscup.org/
Get your tickets early......it will be packed I promise you.

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