Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lord of the Ring

Here's a photo of my son Luke's new class ring. Isn't it BLING??? I couldn't believe how full of "diamonds" it was when he got it. Well, I think they are Swarovski crystals, but believe me, they cost enough. This ring wasn't cheap.

I went to the "Ring Ceremony" at Woodlawn High School where Luke and Ariel, go to High School at and Jostens, the ring company, "presented" the kids with their rings. I mean it's like this huge ordeal, songs, and speeches and all this, I think was to actually orchastrated by the ring company to "sell" rings to these Juniors. I felt bad for some of Luke's friends who came to wacth their friends get their rings, but didn't purcahse rings for whatever the reasons, because they really felt left out. I sat beside one......BIG huge guilt trip. Ugh....I hate stuff like that.
Anyway...ALL that day I kept asking Luke different questions like "What time is the 'Lord of the Ring's' ceremony?" and "What room is the 'Lord of the Ring's ceremony going to be in at school?" He was getting SO frustrated with me saying that but I couldn't stop. HA! It just seemed so once he got his big ol' ring.....I called him "The Lord of the Ring," and believe me, he is!

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