Thursday, March 22, 2007

The power of ONE

After weeks of being in the cold ground, having been watered and constantly exposed to the sunlight, here is the result of my labor. I planted 18 bulbs, and "one" daffodil has now come up out of the ground. I was hoping for more to come up all at once, yet, look at the position held by this ONE daffodil. ( Sorry I had a closer photo of it but Luke deleted it!)
It has brought me joy, even though it is all alone. The others are coming still and will bloom, but this one led the way and it stands firm and tall and proud, smiling in the sunlight.

This example of "the daffodil" has made me think and I have concluded that
"There are great results actually in standing "alone."
It's not always easy, it's rarely fun, being the only "one" yet, we can "stand."

My one daffodil has reminded me that though many be "with us" in spirit, or beside us even, not all will stand up, some are hidden and silent, and sometimes they will stand with us, but maybe not all at the same time. Someone has to lead the way.
This little flower did and it made the world of difference.

WE can make a difference too! We can do so much if we will trust and not be afraid. The daffodil took a chance, it peeked out into the world and then it came up and it stood firm and made the entire flower bed enjoyable to look at even though it was all alone and wasn't the "crowd" of flowers that I had intended for there.
I still "delighted" in just the "one."

It makes me realize how "ONE" can make a difference in this big world.

One can be beautiful, one can change someones perspective, one can encourage, one can be seen, one can lead the way for others, one can heal, one can give.

One is not always popular. One can change a single heart, or many.
One is all we need.
One, died on a cross of pain and changed eternity for you and I.
I want to say "Thank you," to the "ONE" and the only JESUS.
The one who make a difference in my life many years ago.

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