Thursday, April 12, 2007


Martin Smith,
lead singer
of Delirious, doing what he does best. Smiling and singing.

We LOVED the boy's "Posh" new outfits!

Tuesday night's "Delirous?" concert was AWESOME!

I will try to give a bit of a review for those of you that could not be there.
All I can say is....."I'm GLAD I was!"

First off, I "borrowed" these photos. NO cameras were allowed into the concert the other night and I would not break the rules. However, I know there are always "ways" to find such things on the glorious Internet. So here we have it.

Secondly, a "HUGE THANK YOU" to the person from Healing Place that hooked me up with some tickets. Four, exactly. I took Ariel and two of her friends from school along. I am sure they didn't know WHAT to think of "Ms. Joyce" that night because I was crazy! HA! I hadn't danced that much in years. Whew!
I was very WORN out by the time that concert was over.

Umm.......where to begin.
Two female artist sang the pre-show, one from London England, named "Vicky Beeching" Ariel and I really liked her. Plus she talked about how she liked going to the "IHOP" (International House of Prayer) in Kansas City, which is one of our favorite places too! So we knew she was cool.
Check out her website on Myspace:

Next up Rebecca St. James. I had never seen her perform before. She has an awesome heart after God you can tell. She gave a good performance too.

Of course we had a strong "expectancy" for Delirous and they didn't disappoint anyone, let alone ME!!!

I've been listening to Delirous since they hit the airwaves and have seen them in concert before so I can tell, they are just some neat guys. You could feel an anointing as they sang and spoke and ministered.
Martin Smith and Stu G. both ministered to people at this concert at Bethany World Prayer Center, touching people and speaking over them even. At one point I saw Martin Smith, pouring water on kids heads. Cool!!!

I was just as impressed with them then as as I ever have been, in fact, probably even more because I've seen an even greater maturity in them over the years.

PLUS, they were traveling with their "Five wives and 16 CHILDREN!" Can you imagine? It was such a highlight I felt when they let their kids come out on the stage.......they were so CUTE! They danced and danced while the "Dad's" played for a bit so they could be showed off. Then they scooted off the stage again, and into the back.
I loved it! I think everyone did.

Wonder why the wives didn't come out and jump around too?

I do have to say......this says A TON about the "unity and the friendships" that must be within their group. They said they have Four busses, 1 big semi truck and trailer and some 60 people on this tour. WOW! Now there has got to be some major prayer going on there! HA! I just think it's neat that after all these years working and ministering so closely together, that they are all still getting along. HA! HA!
It speaks well of them all.

There are alot of "singers" out there, but these guys are "worshipers" and anyone who sees them would know that. They have written most of the "modern day hymns" for the church world. It was amazing as was the time I saw them before, when the entire crowd could sing their music without the words....why? Because they KNOW it. They know it because we sing their songs in our churches and their music is relevant to this generation. All shapes, sizes, races, and ages. Everyone loves their music.

What I also like is that they do charitable things. Like they care about people besides themselves. Imagine that! They give to the poor and such. They go into foreign countries like Rwanda last year with Joyce Meyer's and her team to help put balm on a hurting, yet recovering, people there. That was neat.

The only regret I had for the night was that the crowd was so LOW! This should not have been the case in Baton Rouge. Something definitely went awry.
This band PACKS huge Soccer stadiums in the U.K. and they played last year at the World Cup in Berlin. So there was no reason why there couldn't have been a better turnout here in this city. I saw them before in New Orleans it was an "open" concert, and we had to buy tickets but it was a PACKED HOUSE and so worth the money which wasn't all that much. I don't know what went wrong here but it was too bad because more people in the area or local cities should have and would have been encouraged by these guys!

I DO appreciate Bethany and Healing Place picking up the "tab" for the concert. Kudos to both places.

Check out the Delirious? website for yourselves on the lefthand side of this page, I use the U.K. one but it's pretty much the same. They also have a "MYSPACE" page for all of you that do the Myspace thing.

A new C.D. and a new book are also newly released so you might want to purchase those things as well for your continued Delirious experience to enjoy in the days ahead.

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