Monday, April 16, 2007

"Ut Prosim"

"Ut Prosim"
"That I may serve."
This is the motto used by Virginia Tech University.

I found myself stunned today, when turning on the news, as probably most of you did as well. That this University that has such a powerful motto for it's school, had come under "seige" and had to "be served" today by vast numbers of police officers, ambulance workers, Dr.'s, nurses, counselors, and a host of other "service" people.

Today's tragic reports of 32 innocent people being slaughtered on the campus shocked us all in America and beyond. The Queen of England has even extended her regards to the University and the people's whose lives have been effected by this one single event of mass destruction. She is just one of many dignitaries that are expressing their thoughts to our nation at this time.

All over the world, I know we are all deeply saddened by this news and all wondering the same thing. Why?
How is it that parents can send their kids off to school to live and study and teachers and professors go into their classrooms to teach and end up hiding behind locked doors fearing for their lives because some crazed gunman is on the loose on the campus, shooting everything and anything that moves into his sight? Even hunting them down like animals. Why?

What made this person, the gunman snap like he did? We may never know.
It's something that haunts you though to the core of your being. For me as a parent, I dread hearing news such as this. I put myself in the place of those parents whose children might be involved in such a thing as that which happened today at Virginia Tech.

How does a person get over something like this? Of this magnitude. When someone that you don't even know, takes it upon themselves to kill or attempt to kill your child who was doing nothing more than just going to their classroom to study for the day. They didn't have a clue what was about to happen to them. They didn't see it coming. They fell victim to someones rage.

God only knows how these people, the survivors, will recover, and we are praying and asking the Father to help them through this time. Words can't express the deep pain we all feel for these students and the families of those affected.

To the students and staff of Virginia Tech...... I pray you remember to fall back on your motto in the days ahead. As you "serve" one another, this will help ease your pain and help you to recover.
God knows and sees your pain, He lost a son that came to this earth to "serve" too.
We are praying for you all.

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