Monday, April 23, 2007

The Secret Garden

Just in case you were wondering.
I really do love to do gardening, and I really do have a "Secret Garden."
Don't laugh! It's hidden from the street and all. HA!

I live in the city you know, I can't do as much as I would like to but I do have a lovely "container garden" off my patio that I enjoy working with and another couple of spots in my yard that I work in as well. It keeps me contented enough.
It's been a "healing thing" for me to garden and work in my yard the past year and a half while I've been home "convalescing."

Some of you didn't know possibly that I have been quite ill and it's not been a fun thing at all. In fact, very, very, painful, and quiet depressing some days, but I am now feeling so much better and it's a great thing to be in good health. I have learned not to take it for granted and to praise GOD for it! You don't realize how important your helath is until you nearly loose it. Thank GOD for "second chances."

I'm not 100% yet, but I am so much better than I was. I was in very bad shape this past Decemeber and January....then in Febuary, I had a "break through" and my Dr. concluded out what was going on with me. It wasn't actually what I had been diagnosed with in the begining.

God has been really good to heal me and to teach me (through my wonderful Naturopathic Dr.)what was wrong with my body and how to correct it. We will talk about that at another time because it will take too long right now.

You can't see it because of the shady spot in the photo but there is an entire "Herb" garden as well.....along with some other plants. There are quite a bit. This doesn't count all the plants we have on our patio as well.

The corner shot with the Celtic cross is my "Morning Glory's" and they are springing up nicely. They will be fabulous this summer. I will take another photo then and show you how pretty they are when they are in full bloom. They will be all over the fence and up that copper oblesk that I have in the middle of them.

So it does keep me busy tending to them all, which I am enjoying right now. Everything is pretty lush at this time and flowering, but at the high point of will start to burn them up and I will have to really watch them.
I hate that part. Watching them struggle to survive.

I just wanted to show you my garden. One day.....I will have huge, beautiful, gardens like the ones in England. HA! Ha!

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