Saturday, April 21, 2007

Writers Workshop June 2nd

I picked this photo of a famous author for two reasons.
One, I hoped you would recognize him and know what he accomplished in his lifetime or writing.

Two, I'm prejudiced because I have a connection with him.
Well, somewhat.
We both have the same hometown, and we both like (liked) to write.
Although, he was very famous and I am not! HA! For those of you who know me, you probably have now figured out who he is. If you didn't recognize the photo you at least know where I hail from. For those of you that don't know me or maybe know him, or vice versa, let me fill you in.

I was born in Hannibal Missouri, and lived there until I was 8 years old at which time my family moved to Iowa. The man in this photo was born about 30 miles down the road in Florida Missouri, but moved to Hannibal when he was 4 years old with his family. Hannibal, is where many of my family still live.
I call it my hometown.

Hannibal Missouri, is where he lived until he was 18 years old and then left to see the world and make his fortune. However, he never forgot this town and even set his most famous book
"Tom Sawyer" and a few others there.
If you still haven't gotten his name by now.....
let me help you.
He is and remains one of America's most famous writers.
Mark Twain.
Which by the way was his "pen name," his real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

Now I have said all this to help to promote the "Writer's Voice Workshop" that will be happening Saturday June 2nd at the Healing Place Annex, 14141 Airline Highway, Baton Rouge, LA. The classes will begin at 8:30am lasting until 2:00pm.
There will be several featured writers speaking at this and many aspiring writers attending as well.

I have been a part of the "Writer's Voice" writer's group for over a year and a half now and it has been a fun. Both a joy and a blessing. I have made new friends, learned many new ideals and techniques, and have been challenged in my writing.
However, most of all, I have been around a group of "like minded" people that share my passion for writing and that makes all the difference.

IF you like to write, or would like to start writing, consider not only joining a writer's group where ever you are, such as the "Writer's Voice" group that I attend here in Baton Rouge, but seriously consider attending this "Writers Workshop."

Pre registration for this event is $25.00......cost at the door is $30.00. Contact Healing Place Church to register. 1-225-753-2273 Lunch is included in the price.

Coming from a "river town," the love for the river is in my blood.
There is just something about being up on a hill and watching the river below you. It's mighty, and swift, and powerful. Almost majestic to behold, yet it's fearful too. You have to respect the river.
I think that is what Mark Twain and myself both share in common when it comes to writing and loving our hometown. There's a "presence" there and it's hard not to love the town we're from because of the river and what it means to us, and it's easy to express the emotions you have and the things you see through writing.
The feelings I have for my hometown have never left me though even though I haven't lived there in years and even though I live far away from my birthplace. I know it was the same for Twain as well.

Now I live in another "river town," but the feeling is a bit different here for some reason. I don't really know why. But there is another "river town" that I LOVE to go to and it's Natchez.
I dare say I think the reason why I LOVE to go to Natchez Mississippi and hang out so much is because it's another sleepy, old, "river town," much like my hometown.

Natchez has that small, river town atmosphere, it's up on a hill looking down at the Mississippi, and there are tons of cool, old houses everywhere. It's a slower pace there and I like that.
It's not like the bustling Baton Rouge where I live now.

I believe that Mark Twain never lost his love for his "river and his river town" and it's evident in his writings. I know in my heart that all of us possess "good things" that want to come out of us in creative expressions wither it be in art work or dancing or writing or crafts, or whatever.

Why not give writing a try? Don't be scared, there are people that can safely nurture you into becoming the writer you may have always dreamed of being. You can't fail in this kind of environment because no one will judge you or your abilities. They will only encourage you. Plus you don't have to be in the league of
Mark Twain to come.

If you want more information, on joining the "Writer's Voice" writer's group, or about coming to the "Writer's Workshop" in June...... contact me and I will fill you in on what you need to do for both or either one.

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