Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tony Blair....."What's not to like?"

I don't get it, I've been reading and watching and studying British politics for many years now, though I am not an expert, I find Tony Blair to have been a "brilliant" Prime Minister these past 10 years. He has had his ups and downs like any World Leader, but for the most part, he has been JUST what Great Britain needed during this time. People never realize what they have/had, until they loose it. I think that England, will feel the same way when Tony Blair is finally gone. Which is what they want.

After becoming major allies with the United States after 9/11, and entering the war in Iraq with us, Blair has suffered much politically in Great Britain. His approval ratings are very low and he has had to bow to public pressure. I feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for our OWN wonderful President George Bush. No man or woman wants to see their young men and women of their nation killed for naught. There is a purpose to this war, although I am a supporter of it. I too am becoming tired of the amount of loss of life on our part and the length of this war, although I realize that you can just change things in a country that was ran by tyrants over night.

Back to Tony Blair........I've always liked him. Over the years I have prayed for him and even have wrote him on two occasions. Once, I sent a Hallmark "Thank you" card to #10 Downing Street, after Great Britain entered the war with us, to thank Blair and the country for their willingness to sacrifice for this cause, and to encourage him. I knew he was taking huge HEAT over the entrance of the war even then.

The next time I wrote him was a few months back. It was late at night and I had this overwhelming burden come upon me for him. After getting out of bed and spending some time in prayer for him and the country of England I decided to visit the #10 Downing Street website and send him an e-mail to tell him that "we were praying for him and to hang in there, he was doing a great job, blah, blah, blah." All words of encouragement because I felt in my spirit that he was "overwhelmed" for some reason.

I went back to bed because again, it was very early in the morning by this point. When I got up later that day I checked the BBC and Tony Blair had just announced that he would be "Stepping down as Prime Minister within the year" this was last September. Last week he announced that he will be done in June.

I think he was the man for his job. I am not so sure about his replacement. Time will tell.

Besides all of his political accomplishments, one of which is dear to my heart is the recent "sharing of political power in Ireland and No. Ireland" which he has been working on for years, there are many, many other great qualities about Tony Blair.

I mean WHAT is not to like. Great smile.....charismatic personality and good sense of humor, great tone of voice.....who doesn't love a British accent and his is great! I watch the "British House of Commons" whenever I can on C-spam. HA! HA!

Also........this MAN DRINKS TEA FROM CHINA TEA CUPS!!! How cool is that.

I would like to personally invite Tony Blair and his family to come to America and try to help the American men become more noble and more gentleman like. I would like to see American men drink tea, and drink it out of china tea cups.
How cool would that be? British accents would be a huge added bonus.
I guess that's alot to ask. HA!

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