Saturday, June 30, 2007

Deep "Gushings"........ better put your life jacket on.

It's a quiet Saturday.

The last one of June.......and then we will start July tomorrow. Where has the year gone??? Yikes!!
Today Don is freelancing, Gabe's at the new British girl's house with her family, which of late seems to be his new home. Weird but I guess he wants to spend a lot of time with them because it appears that after living in Baton Rouge only a few months, they are moving. More on that later.

Caleb is in Biloxi MS. working all weekend.

Luke just came home from spending the night at a friend's house, he was going to mow the grass like he always does, he's our fantastic "Yard Boy"...he does a good job and takes great pride in seeing our yard look so nice and the widow lady's next door as well. I just went in his room to see if he was going outside anytime soon and he was in bed sleeping with his mouth wide open. He is my own child that does that. It's freaky. Like a dead person or something. I always know he's in a DEEP sleep when that mouth is open. Guess he will be mowing later today. HA!

Ariel has been at "camp" the past few days.....if you can call it that.
They are "camping" in posh condo's off the Emerald Coast in Destin, Florida. At at resort that my family has stayed at before and it is NICE!!! What ever happened to church camps in the woods for $65.00 for a full week??? This "camp" cost the price of a last minute, plane ticket and is only for not quite 4 days.....2 days they are traveling the 6 hour trip back and forth from Destin to Baton Rouge. I am concerned about "camp" because I think this type of "decadence" for the youth is just preparing them for the "pedicure pampering" that the church has been laying on their people the past couple of years.
We are heading into dangerous waters...and dangerous times. Does anyone read the World news?? You want to try going here and reading up on what is going on in the

All this frivolous stuff is not a good thing because the church.....young and old....especially the new converts....will not know how to "suffer for Jesus" in the coming days ahead. There is a price to be paid when you encounter the cross of Christ and it's not a paint job on your toenails.
This type of behavior scares me.

Don't get me wrong, I am the FIRST one that loves a pedicure...I don't get them often either and certainly don't expect one from a church.
Well.....unless it's an old fashioned "foot washing" does anyone remember those??? They are very humbling and you don't get a foot massage with it.
God have mercy on us.

So am I a tad crabby today? A bit negative?
No, I'm really not trying to be. I'm just pondering some rolled up thoughts in my mind and on my computer while drinking my "British Breakfast" tea this morning and wondering what we have come to in our spiritual and natural lives.
Where is all this new thinking leading us? What are our "leaders" thinking?

What will happen when the money dries up and the food isn't there and the people scatter? This isn't doomsday thinking folks, this is reality and prophecy and it IS coming soon to a city near you.

I do know very first Pastor in Iowa, "Brother Riche," he was an AWESOME, Man of God, that no one has compared to in our lives since....the one that taught my husband and I SO much and we are so thankful for because had it not been for his wisdom and teachings, we wouldn't have gotten through half the "mire" we've seen and encountered up to this point, used to say this to our church.

"What you WIN them with, you'll have to KEEP them with." We have first hand witnessed this over the years to be true.

Don't mistake me, I am all about "EVANGELISM"......but there are limits....because remember,
"what you win them with you'll have to keep them with." It will have to be more entertaining and a greater show than what they already have seen. All you have to do is look to the children of this society even to see that what we gave them years ago......say Atari....Nintendo......etc, etc. is not enough to keep them entertained any longer. It has to be bigger, faster, better, more entertaining.

Some churches better stock up on "pampering" goods for the days ahead.....and you better make it ADULT sized "Astronaut Diapers" because that's where it's headed if you can understand what I'm saying.

Our young people are being conditioned today for their future as adults in the church. Are they lacking something? Suffering maybe? Hardship? Ugly toenails? Callouses? I'll admit my part if you will admit yours......I've fallen prey to the traps of "conditioning" as well. I try not to, I fight against it......but it comes in so seductively and if your not a part of an outcast. Been there done that still doing it.

Right,your branded as a "negative person" or not in the correct "DNA" system as others.

Don't get me started on that "DNA" stuff we have heard in churches and in all reality it's trash talk. Leaders need to knock that off. It's absurd.
By they way......I had a DNA test this year so I know something of how this process works and why you do it. Though my testing I found out somethings that have helped me immensely in my struggle to regain my health. I found out that I have 2 from each of my parents that have caused me to have a health issue.
It's I know what to do to "combat" that issue.

However I do have to say that if your "Spiritual" DNA is so screwed up that you can't be a part of a certain church because your "DNA" isn't the same as theirs and they are constantly using that type of condemning "jargon" so that you don't feel your as good as them or have the same "Vision of the house" as them.....then run for you life because someone is off base in their testings and teachings and it probably isn't YOU!

We in the Body of Christ should all have the same FATHER!

IF not then someone better find out who their REAL Daddy is.

The true "church" knows who their real "Father" is and act accordingly.
Yet IF they do indeed claim to know who HE is....then why don't we act like "Him" instead of making up our own DNA formula and get involved with a DNA "system" that makes us seem like some other man or woman out there that are "trendy, hip" "chocolate fountain" gospel teachings and on the cover of Charisma Magazine???
I really don't get it nor do I want to.

We are not called to be "Willy Wonka" to the church and I pray that we get that figured out pretty soon. We are already on "sugar overload" and it seems to be getting worse and worse all the time. We need sermons that give us some life and energy and vitamins to keep going instead of fluffing us up with cotton candy communication that leaves us with rotten teath and stomach aches after leaving a service.

Come on people let's "GET A GRIP" and get back to some basics.
Let's not be dumb sheep. We have a change to get it right. Let's not waste this time we have left on planet earth.
We need Basic Christianity 101 again,
we could start by reading the Book Acts.

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yes2truth said...

Hello Joyce

"The true "church" knows who their real "Father" is. Yet then IF they do indeed know who HE is....then why don't we act like "Him" instead of making up our own DNA formula"

The main problem is the non-gospel of mainstream Christianity, with its 'salvation by works' teaching.

This means you are doing it, or acting it out, instead of The Lord Jesus Christ doing it through you. This is the fundamental that 90% + of mainstream Christianity has no grasp of.

You will find my articles challenging but hopefully rewarding.