Saturday, June 30, 2007


Very cute movie! Take your kids or Grandkids or just even someone else's kids like I did.
Yesterday I picked up my friend Shawn's kids for the afternoon so she could continue to pack up their house. Her family sold their home and it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks for her and her husband Kerry who was recently VERY ill and at the Baton Rouge General's ER with God knows what wrong with him. They never did find out what the root cause of his 105 fever and other symptoms, even after keeping him in the hospital for nearly 3 days. Odd.
Now they have to get out of their old house, and into the new one in record time. PLUS......prepare to lead a missions team from HPC to Vancouver B.C. in a few days.....not good. Pray for them if you will, they need it.

Being frustrated at not having the opportunity to help her during the past week due to my "tooth issue" long is over now but it did rob me of about three valuable days this week, which I used to catch up on my reading with.

I offered to go get the Wilkerson children and treat them to a lunch at Taco Bell, and the new Disney movie "Ratatouille." It was a delightful afternoon. They are four very good kids!
However I wished I could have taken them to an art museum or somewhere that they could learn some history....but it's too HOT right now in Baton Rouge to do much more than sit in the air conditioning. I hate that. The movie was the best option to basking in the sweltering heat that I could think of. It was a really good movie too so go see it if you like decent, animated movies.

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