Friday, June 22, 2007

"Hat's off" to Her Royal Majesty

Even if you don't like her. You must admit, the woman has some GREAT HATS!!! For some odd reason, I was just looking at the website for the British Monarchy and came across some very lovely photos of Her Royal Majesty in some of her grand hats. She does have her own "millinery staff" to make hats for her and they are doing a great job I must say. Her hats get better and better don't you agree?
I wonder how many she actually has.
I am guessing that the Queen is the "Imelda Marcos" of hats.

I do know this, that when "The Queen," as I call her, came to America last month to visit Virginia, they had to use a van to carry her hats in from the airport and to the various places she was going.
Can you just imagine? I mean they must have just been sitting in that van in their proper boxes just like "cakes being delivered to a wedding" and really, they would be just as "scrumptious" as a cake when you would look at them and less fattening- "A literal feast for the eyes!"

Well, honesty I am ALL about hats.

I have a few, but not enough and most of mine are black. That's a bit somber isn't it?
In fact, I even wore my "Princess Diana" hat that I bought in her memory to my Great Uncle's funeral a few years back. I had purchased the hat the year she had died, while on a trip home to Iowa for the Christmas holidays. It was fitting to have such a stylish hat in the cold Midwest.
Problem was, we lived in Louisina and the weather rarely warrented wearing a a black wool "Princess Diana look-alike hat" even in the dead of since my Uncle's funeral was in Missouri, in December, in the midst of a blizzard, it seemed "right" for me to wear it I felt.

That was until we arrived at the church in the small town where the service was to be held. Upon I was once I got inside my Father told me that he felt I was "to give the entire Eulogy"....yikes, I already had my "Princess Diana hat on.

Frankly, I didn't know if it was "proper" to speak with a hat on at a funeral or not, however, "death waits for no man" so I did the eulogy, hat and all. I think it gave me more confidence actually while speaking at such a sad event. I didn't break down once. I felt very strong inside. Maybe it was the hat.

Public speaking wasn't something new to me and I am not bothered by doing it, but I believe the hat was an "accent" as far as the service went. I mean it was black after all, black is a sign of "mourning" right? I think it added a bit of "mood setting" to the occasion. Even though some of the things I shared were funny during the eulogy the hat, added a seriousness to what was happening overall I guess. All I know is that in times past people USED to wear hats to funerals all the time.

Regardless of how I felt, I know my Uncle would have loved it I am sure. Not the hat so much but the eulogy...well, probably the hat too. He himself wore hats. The old man type like Bing Crosby would wear and he wore some nice hats when we would go hunting, or fishing, which he did all the time.

My Uncle Charles LOVED hunting and was an avid outdoor sportsman. His passions were hunting and fishing....not hats. Hats were for him mainly practical, for warmth, or to keep his head protected. He was bald on top with hair on both sides of his head so he could get a burn if he didn't properly cover his head, yet, maybe he wore them for style too.

Come to think of it......when I was little, I can remember him wearing the felt "Bing Crosby" hats when he and my Aunt would go somewhere like when taking me and my sister Jenny somewhere or to church and such. I can still see him wearing them. There was always this tiny "feather" sticking out of the hat band to dress it off I guess. Funny how you remember things like that. I guess I liked hats even way back then.

I don't have the bright and frilly ones like the Queen does - maybe one day. We just don't have occasion to wear them in America unless you attend the "Kentucky Derby" and I think that is a shame. I really am NOT interested in going to the Kentucky Derby, but I may have to attend it one day just so I can wear a really great hat out in public without being mocked.

Some people wear hats at Easter. I remember buying a really big, white hat to wear with a blue suit I had one year for Easter. It was a great get up. Fit for "a queen."
I'm no longer into the wearing of the
"Easter Sunday Glam Package" anymore, so I am not sure where my big white hat went to. I think I remember seeing it awhile back neglected, and out of place in the hallway closet covered in plastic and dust.
I need to find that thing. I could wear it in the Secret Garden at least couldn't I?

Next year, we are praying about a taking a special trip to celebrate our 30th Wedding anniversary. Of course we will be going to "you know where" and if you don't know by now where that would be, please DO ask me and I will give you WAY TOO MUCH information about the area.

I may even consider pulling out the "Princess Diana" hat to take with me just in case I run into a certain "hat wearing crowd" along the way. You never know.

Just as life would have it, my special Uncle always wanted to go to that "place" I've always loved too.
Although he and my Aunt were ardent travelers and went all over the United States, they never made it out of the country for whatever the reason. My Uncle Charles and Aunt Hazel were unable to have children of their own but devoted their lives to teaching Sunday School and working with children of all ages their entire lives.
My Aunt was even presented an award right before she passed away for being a Sunday School teacher at their church for "50 years."

In their life time they did many kind and noble things for people, and this I know, they loved my sister and me very much. All through our lives growing up, they took interest in us. They did and said things to and for us that impacted both me and Jenny in fabulous ways.

Once their lives were no longer, and their estate was taken into account, we learned that they made a small provision for both my sister and me. We were honored and blessed that they thought of us both again, even at the end of their journey on this earth.

My sister bought a new bedroom suite to remember them by with her money.
I took a different approach and put my money into a special savings account for a "trip" that I knew I would take one day to the place where they weren't able to travel to. I will honor their memory in that way.
Oh, and I may just buy a new hat while I'm there, and a "colourful one" at that.
No more black hats for me.

Hummm......I wonder if the Queen is getting rid of any of hers anytime soon....
for cheap?

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