Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hanging in there.......

Right now I've been watching a "web streaming live broadcast" online from the "International House of Prayer" it's a church in Kansas's been phenomenal. It's brought me to tears. I always wonder after visiting the campus there which we have several times, and after watching their services online......

"Why can't I find that type of move here in Baton Rouge where I live?" Haven't quite found the answers for that right now.....but I know we are here in Baton Rouge for a reason, even though these past nearly FIVE years have been such a dry, desert place for us.

Regardless of my hearts cry and mind ponderings, I know God is faithful and has a purpose to all things.

Right now the worship team at the IHOP are singing a song and it's a heart cry of mine so I am going to write you a few of the words.......

"I want to be found FAITHFUL, I want to be found STEADY, I want to be found FAITHFUL until the end. I want to live before your eyes, I want to stay before your gaze, keep me steady.
I want to be found FAITHFUL, I want to be found STEADY, I want to be found FAITHFUL until the end. IF I try to save my life I will loose it, but if I loose my life for your sake I will find it in the end."

Yeah, that is my heart cry today and every day. God fulfil your word in our lives!

Okay......while the music continues to play I have to update you all on a few are some needs and concerns I need you all to be aware of.

Right now our good friend Susan's Mother Delores Munson who has been a brilliant woman of God and friend to our family and many on this earth is passing on to her eternal home. The hospital staff pulled her off of all life support at 9:30am this morning and I have been waiting for "the call" that she has has been found "Faithful until the End!" I rejoice that she will be at the gates today and passing through them........maybe even now as I write this.

My husband Don and I will be traveling to Beaumont this Saturday and be there for the family and Don will be doing the visitation and conducting Delore's funeral on Sunday. So please remember us and the family during these days.

This past Monday my Step Grandmother died in Hannibal Mo......her funeral was this morning I am praying for my Grandfather who is 91 and left weak and frail after loosing his second wife to cancer now. Please pray for his soul. I am very concerned about him.

This morning another might woman of God's memory was recognized in Springfield Mo. Joyce Dement, wife of Spud Dement passed away Monday as well. Spud's parent's used to go to our old church Hosanna where we worked on staff at years ago......Don and Spud did the funeral service for Bro. Dement, Spuds Father when he passed away several years ago. Joyce and Spud were Veteran Missionaries to Europe after he worked for many years in Springfield Mo. in the Missions department. This was a sudden illness that came upon her once returning to the States this spring. Her passing will leave a void I know in her family's hearts and in the work they were doing in this world.

Also, Larry and MaryAnn Gutweiler's Mother died this week and her funeral is today as well. Larry and MaryAnn are some of the kindest people in all of Baton Rouge and Larry has a HUGE "internet" prayer and helps ministry along with heading up the Cooking for Christ ministry at HPC. Thank GOD for those people. I like them. No pretense there with them at all.

Busy week at the gates of heaven wouldn't you say??? We don't even know the half of it.
Two teenage girls from outside of Baton Rouge passed those gates this week too......their funerals were held jointly at their church in Walker. They said that these girls "loved Jesus and couldn't wait to get to heaven and their lives were a total witness of God".......this week they got their wishes to get to heaven and they both went at the same time during a fatal car accident. A third teenage passenger survives but wonders why? It's okay.....her "expiration date" just wasn't up yet. Pray for this little girl. She will be needing it in the days/years ahead.

This morning I talked with Shawn Wilkerson who is in Vancouver at this moment with the Missions team from Healing Place church. They need prayer to finish the tasks they have been working on there this past week. They have been able to do some awesome ministry with inner city kids by doing a "Soccer Clinic" and also have been doing some unexpected work at an inner city food type kitchen place called "The Night Shift"......they have had some real eye opening experiences there and I would have to say this has been one of those "divine appointments" for them. VERY COOL!
Remember to pray for them in the next few days as they begin their trip back home to Baton Rouge. They will arrive back here on Sunday sometime around noon or so.

These are the updates for now.........I'm including two photos at the top of this is of the Chaissons.....our very good friends. They are heading to their new Missions "outpost"'s a long journey and will take them a few days by plane to their destination of "Nauru" pray for them please. These are AWESOME servants of the Lord. None better..... that I promise you. I LOVE MISSIONARIES, they are my "heros" in life. Of course my favorite one is Jesus who was the FIRST EVER Missionary to hit planet earth. Thank GOD He came!

The second photo is of a rich bloom on my hibiscus plant on the patio.....things on earth, some are plants some are peopleh..... burning up right now due to the weather and due to lifestyles and they've come to the end of theirselvs or the end of their lives.

Yet, don't loose sight of the beauty that is still out there. The small things that God has made special for us to view......there is still time to focus on people, and things......even the small things God has created for our good pleasure to just look at.
Hang in there folks.....this is something Delores Munson used to always tell me and write to me in cards.......I will now say it in her memory because it's burned in my heart forever because she always reminded me of this truth.......

"WE WIN!!!"

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