Friday, July 27, 2007


Sorry to have been away so's hard to be creative and to even want to write when you don't feel good. July has been the "month of pain" for me.......ugh!
Humidity, heat and tons of RAIN do not mix well with my body and the infirmity that plaques me.
This year has been like living in Seattle........but WAY hotter!!! Rain every day or every other today.....we have a "tropical front" hitting us now and it should last for several days....lovely.

I now find myself watching the "weather reports" all the time like a farmer or an old I understand why they do family used to do it when I was a always listend to the "noon report" on the radio mainly.....I had both old people and some farmers in my family. Now I totally "get" why they were checking out the not only "consider the wind and sky" but to see if their tired old bones were going to "ache."

It's been a drag I can tell you that. I've been locked away in my house mainly.....
I DO go swiming 3 times a week at a private pool with a group of women whom I call......"The Pool Ladies." I will tell you more on them later. No swiming today of course because of the yucky weather.

I DO hurt severely, and I never understood pain and suffering I do. I'm not proud of that but I must say my "Compassion level" for hurting people or people in pain is way different now. Personal perspective does wonders for us doesn't it?

Some of us learn by the school of "Hard Knocks"...I have always been one of those kinds of people. Could that be because I am from know
"The SHOW ME state?"

I haven't any worries though compared to the several families that my daughter and her friends are now on their way to go's 10:30am here in Baton Rouge, and Ariel was awoken early by phone calls today stating that 2 friends of her and some of her other best friend's were killed last night in a terrible accident on the Interstate between Baton Rouge, and Hammond. There were several young boys in the vehicle and of course.......a semi truck was involved. There have been SO many accidents on that stretch of Interstate in the past MONTH!

God help these families.......they must be shattered. The young men that lived will have so much to endure in the days ahead physically and mentally.
I will update you more when I find out the information, it's all foggy right now, and hasn't hit any of the newscasts or newpapers even yet.
Pray for these families and that all these kids will be TOUCHED by this accident and will realize how "fleeting" that life is.
It really is just a "vapour."

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