Sunday, July 29, 2007

International House of Prayer.........

"The IHOP" that serves a great big heaping of healthy food to your soul.
You know I love that place. The one in Kansas City.....The International House of Prayer, and they mean it buddy. They don't play church.

I DO like the other IHOP, the Pancake place as well.....but since going "Gluten Free" in my diet for health's not as delightful for me now as it was before. I can't get the cheese blintz's or any kind of bread stuff....blah.
Eggs and grits only for me now thank you.

Okay back to the REAL "IHOP"..... I turned my computer on and believe me I rarely get up this early but I felt a prompting to do so.
I get into "The Prayer Room" at the International House of Prayer for their 6:00am "Live" prayer service.......they do this 24/7 folks and have for like some 8 years now. They do the DEEP THINGS OF GOD at this place. I've been there and I wish I could be in that type of environment all the time.
Or at least near something like this place......sigh. Help me God I'm fainting here in this "wet desert."

I know it's an oxymoron but you know what I saying, if not let me spell it our for you....
"Baton Rouge"'s a "dry desert spiritually" for many of us. We have to seek our refreshing by "unusual" means during this "season" and we do. Thank GOD for all the resources we have in the year 2007 to help us keep our relationship with the Father fresh when you hungry and thirsty and can't find a local "oasis" to properly water and feed you. The pickings are "rare and slim" right now for some odd reason and I hate this because it's not always been this way here in this city.
Something has changed spiritually over this city and it's very wrong and sad. The "ball" has been dropped somehow.

So anyway.....I'm watching and listening and doing a bit of writing at the same time and praying along with them as the leaders call out things to pray for President Bush and his leadership and some other general things for our nation....very awesome. Then someone gets up and starts praying for "those caught in Human Trafficking and those caught in the Sex Trade".....huhhhh...."WHAT WAS THAT?????"

I'm totally caught off guard by this prayer....I'm thinking to myself......"WHAT other church in the world prays for 'those who are caught in Human Trafficking and those captured by Sex Trade' at 7:00 in the morning.....MAN I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!! We need this. Those people who are captured and lost need it. I'm so thankful that GOD sees right where they are, because WE who live in "comfort" forget about them fast I'm afraid. We give up. We stop praying after a few weeks or maybe days even. I'm guilty.

I mean I have never even EVER heard Christians in CHURCH (like during church) ask for prayer for that kind of thing....if I have then forgive me it's been a RARE thing then, so rare I can't remember it and I know I would remember that kind of thing because it's sooooo important.

I do/have prayed for people that are brought to my attention when they go "missing" or as the Brits call them "the disappeared" grieved me so much as I know it did many around the world when little "Madeline McCann" from the U.K. went missing from Portugal, where her parents were vacationing. I've prayed and prayed that little girl will turn up and be given back to her parents ALIVE and unharmed.

I can't imagine someone taking her from her parents and using her in the sex trade in Europe like they suspect. It makes me sick and I wonder "what kind of monsters are these people that take children away from their parents or those that take any human soul from their loved ones???" I can't stand's totally demonic.

God have MERCY on those people, and I pray they release Madeline and all others that are missing from loved ones NOW!

IF you are wanting prayer or want to be involved in very passionate, heartfelt, Holy Spirit inspired intercession.......check out "The Prayer Room" I SO do not how to interject instant hyperlinks into this blog yet......duh.....I have got to get someone to help me do that....if you can help me PLEASE! HA! HA!

Also, you will need passwords to get into "The Prayer Room" to watch it live...... contact me and I will get them to you if you are serious.

It is "Worship and the Word."
Check it out you will not come away hungry.

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