Sunday, July 29, 2007

Experts find Abbey where "Robert The Bruce" was crowned!

For all you history buffs and for all of you that that like myself loved the movie "Braveheart".....
here's some interesting news.
I've been meaning to write something about this whole thought for about a year now but haven't gotten to day when I get a moment I am going to talk to you about the whole "Braveheart" thing which is very dear to my heart and always will be.
I love that kind of "spirit" in people and I think the "church" should be just as passionate as William Wallace was for the good of his people and for Scotland and the principles that were being violated and we aren't and it's SICK. It really ticks me off how complacent we are. I include myself in this so don't think I am judging anyone.

I went to Ireland, about a year after that movie was released and during one of days we had some "free time" we were in upper Ireland and at one point we were on the coast and only about 20 miles from Scotland across the water of course.....we wanted to just at the very LEAST go over and set our "feet upon the ground" in Scotland.....but we weren't able to.

Hopefully....I will get to do that sometime, I'm planning on it in my heart it's all in God's hands right now.
Anyhow.....for's some cool news from the BBC News/Scotland.

"Lost" coronation abbey unearthed.
Experts have found the abbey where Robert the Bruce was crowned
Archaeologists have unearthed the site where Robert the Bruce was crowned king of Scotland.
The location of the abbey at Moot Hill, the original home of the Stone of Destiny, was forgotten centuries ago.

But it has now been identified by experts from Glasgow University who have been surveying the grounds of Scone Palace for the first time.

They used scanners to detect buried structures and found part of the abbey church and a bell tower.

The coronation of Pictish and Scottish kings took place at Moot Hill for hundreds of years, and a royal abbey was built there by 1120AD.

Tremendous importance

The archaeologists have been examining the site using a sophisticated technique based on geophysical remote sensing.

Project leader Oliver O'Grady said: "We have been really surprised by the high quality of the survey results so far, revealing a very clear outline of the great west end of the abbey church, complete with at least one bell tower.

Some major gaps are being filled in our understanding of Scone's amazing history.

Suzanne Urqhuart, Mansfield Estates

"The tremendous importance of Scone - where kings were made and where Parliaments met - is only matched by how little we know about the reality of the place.

"Now we can locate the essential outline of the church and hints of where the cloister and other buildings stood, and all without putting a spade in the ground."

Suzanne Urquhart from Mansfield Estates, which runs Scone Palace, added: "To see the plan of what was a beautiful Gothic church emerge from the ground after being lost for 400 years is very exciting.

"Some major gaps are being filled in our understanding of Scone's amazing history, and we are now talking to the archaeologists about how the project might develop."

The survey has also uncovered evidence of a massive ditch around Moot Hill as well as information about its construction.

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