Friday, August 31, 2007

My China Setting

This is a photo of my china that I have. I love it. It's so pretty. I don't get to use it enough though. Sigh.

Anyhow....I've a busy, busy, day today. Pool group and a Dr.'s appointment and other things. Sadly, I'm not even able to find a moment to have a cup of tea this morning because I am in such a rush......blah! I will find time later though.

I've finished a book I was reading...."The Kite Runner" which took me forever to get through because I read another one at the SAME time and liked it better appparently. HA! But I must say......"The Kite Runner" gets so much better about mid way through. VERY slow in the begining and they have to lay alot of foundation about the country (Afghanastan) and the culture. Anyhow....started a new book last night so.....cup of tea later once I return home!

IF I may add one plug for the libraries and booksellers of this world....READ PEOPLE READ!
Just be aware of what you are reading.....but read something.
Keep the mind and the TEA flowing!

"Tea pot is on, the cups are waiting, Favorite chairs anticipating, No matter what I have to do, My friend there's always time for you" ~ Unknown
Good day!

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