Monday, August 27, 2007

Tea and such

Me thinks we need a bit more quiet resolution on "The Secret Gardener" for this post.
It's time to chill out a bit. For tonight anyway.

I miss my humor which has been replaced with some sarcasm as of late.
I can't imagine why.

Anywho....I am going to give you some spontaneous "Tea Quotes" from time to time to calm us down like a decent herbal tea would. It's time don't you agree?
Besides, I need to catch my second wind before the next weird thing arrives on the scene and throws me into another tangent.
Here we go, "Tea Quote" for tonight is.......
"Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea." ~ Henry Fielding

Now, that was not my first choice but once I saw it after re-reading the list I have....I thought to myself. "How fitting" after reading of scandals that are hitting.
Although I have to disagree with Mr. tea hasn't ever been sweetened by scandal, but it has been sweetened by love. Scandals make people bitter. We don't want to be bitter people we want to be BETTER people.

Thank GOD for love. The love of God that is unexplainable, and that will never end......the love of family and love of dear friends.
We are so fortunate for love aren't we? What would we do without it? Be full of rejection I suppose.

Oh, and of course I am thankful for tea......Ummmm.....
I take mine with milk and sugar thank you!

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