Monday, August 27, 2007

TRUE friends of the Bridegroom.

Today I received my "Elijah Newsletter" in my e-mail.

THANK GOD some people are very open to the Holy Spirit and what He is saying to the church at this moment in time, AND they aren't seeking "national attention" like alot of these other ministries and such. I'm not "endorsing" all they send out yet I do trust the vision that I am about to share part of with you because it's in line with other things I have seen people longing for and have felt myself. The guy that had this vision and wrote about it is Rick Joyner and you can check out his stuff if you wish. I'm not telling you to, I just saying I appreciate what he shared today on the Elijah List Newsletter.

Once reading it, (the article Joyner wrote) it totally bore witness with my heart, mind, and soul.
So much so that I am going to put a bit of it on here for you to read. Many of the people that I am close to feel this way and many of us want to see this happen.
I think it will express how I've been feeling too especially regarding some of the things I wrote in my LAST blog entry.

PLUS all these things he shared goes along VERY MUCH with what is happening at the IHOP ministry in K.C. which Don and I like as well. That group of people do NOT elevate themselves nor their leaders, and are totally "non materialistic."
Things and lots of buildings and "stuff" don't matter so much to them as GOD and God's people..... and I am all about that.

Read on......

"A new breed of ministry is being commissioned now."

These are the true friends of the Bridegroom. These will be spiritual eunuchs for the sake of the Kingdom. A eunuch cannot have a desire for the Bride or to use her for his own purposes; rather, his whole satisfaction comes from seeing the King's satisfaction with His Bride--this will be their passion. The new breed of ministry will not abuse the Bride; their whole purpose will be to help the Bride make herself ready for the King.

The new breed of ministry will not use the people to build their ministries, they will use their ministries to build people. This will result in a revolution in the Church. Selfish ambition will be driven from the ministry of the Church. Christians will begin to love each other and serve out of love. The result of this will be a society of saints who will become a marvel in the earth and a true light to the world.

Those who understand the times are not nearly as focused on what the devil is doing as they are on what the Lord is doing. The greatest
sign that the end of the age is near will be the Bride emerging in the glory that she is called to walk in. The Lord will not come until His Bride is ready. Her preparation for the greatest of all events--the union of Christ with His Bride, will accelerate as we get closer to the end of this age.

Sigh. I pray that the "TRUE friends of the Bridegroom" get with it. I know they are out there, I know they are praying.....many, 24/7. Folks we can't accomplish much without constant and committed prayer and the thing I see with all this hyper ministry stuff is NO PRAYER. Who has the time.....because we have to run here and there and appear here and there and host this thing and that thing and give out stuff and whatever. When do they pray?? Or FAST??? I'm speaking to myself here people as well as anyone.

Personally, I am the type of person that finds it hard to SIT in one place and just meditate or pray. It's hard for me to hold still......but WE HAVE GOT TO DO THIS. Besides we can move around. The point is....just do something because we have
NO POWER without it. What makes us think we can stand against the wiles of the devil and never pray or slow down and ponder the goodness of the Lord??? Where does intimacy with our Lord ever come into being when we don't pray or spend time with Him or learning of Him by reading His words?

It's all DEAD works. "Planned without the permission of the Holy Spirit."
We have got to seek the LORD people.
I don't see many places with this in their schedules.

Oh sure we plan a little something in.......a little prayer thing in here and there...but I have seen mega places that have the WEAKEST prayer coverings I've EVER SEEN and it scares me for them because they are sitting out there with a huge "bulls eye" on "go ahead devil HIT US!"
We are naked but "think" it will be all okay because "we are doing some stuff"...... but we aren't covered spiritually. Leaders don't cover their leaders and sorry...
"if the blind lead the blind" the old saying goes....."they all go astray"....right?

They don't pray. OR there is some prayer but not much.....and the leadership is soooo busy doing "stuff" that they don't pray or have time to get alone with God maybe with staff once a week or whenever but that's the majority of it. I'm not joking.....I've worked with staffs and I know staffs and I know ministries and I know ministers and so on and so forth. This LACK happens EVERY day all over the town, all over the nation and all over the world.

Yet.....we have our hands in every kind of ministry setting there is and don't have the Spirit of the Lord there working with us. Whoops!!!! Forgot to invite Him!

I have seen it with my OWN eyes so don't deny it. I've also done it too. So there...just so you know I'm not throwing stones. I'm not proud of that fact, however....I'm warning you to just change it or else you face the same problems that are hitting all these other "big name" people and ministries out there.

In case you haven't read the news lately.....they are dropping like flies and why do you think that's happening??????
We won't go there right now because I ALREADY DID!

PLEASE for your sakes, for your people's sakes, for your congregations sakes....
TRY to drop a few balls that are up in the air......drop some stuff off the schedules, skip some events in other towns or whatever, wherever, and pick up the MOST important keys to ministry.
(Shall I list them??)
By the way there will be a test on this one day.

Other than all I've said...IF we don't do these's all just
"Paper Religion" and it will burn up.

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