Saturday, September 29, 2007

Please don't "Scone" me.......

Okay so from time to time there may something on this site that you might not like. I don't do it to hurt anyone or to prove my point although there may be things I am provoked to write on.

I like thought provoking things.
I like being provoked and I like provoking someone back.
All in a good way of course, not in ugliness.

I like it when MY thoughts are provoked and I am forced to search to see what is going on and what is truth or what is error and or to dispel something.
This is how I am wired. This is how I learn.

I think it's important for us to "know" what we believe and why we believe it.

Whatever the subject may be.
And I AM NOT talking about being "programed" as someone was telling me the other day.
I had a conversation with a young lady that was telling me about these "Christian kids that are programed by their parents into believing what they believe."

I know it happens, we all know it happens because WE DO IT as well. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

But that isn't good enough. We have to understand WHY we believe what we believe.
We have to be WILLING to "Die" for what we believe even....that's a a chilling thought in the year 2007......but you better get a copy of "Fox's Book of Martyr's" out and read up on what people went through for the sake of the gospel.

And ask yourself......"Why are some people willing to give up their lives as martyrs for their "religion" and we can't even explain ourselves out of a wet paper bag as to why we do what we do in a reasonable way.

You and I better get this in our systems. We better sharpen up our swords. We are going to be tested on this and it could be a "pop quiz or it maybe the big TEST!"

Many of us believe something because we are taught that way.
That's not good enough. We need an EXPERIENCE first then we will believe, then we will learn and grow.

We better be able to produce the goods on the "Whys and How's" of things and not just have a pre rehearsed answer that we don't really understand but that's how we were told.

It's your basic "Mama cut the ends of the roast off and cooked it that way so that's how I cook it too." What you didn't learn from Mama or maybe she didn't explain it to you....was that the pan she was using was TOO small so that's WHY she cut the ends off of the roast.
You however, could have a bigger pan and could stuff your whole roast in there and be meat ahead.

That kind of stuff my friends isn't going to hold up in the heat of the battles we have heading our way. We better ask questions. We better study to show ourselves approved.

WE better have had an EXPERIENCE and just not Grandma and Grandpa's story. We need our own story.

We BETTER have studied what we believe in life and we better know it. Otherwise.....just be quiet okay because we seem like "idiots" to the world.

I love History so I am always looking up something "historic"....and as they say....."History has a way of repeating itself" so it's sooo important to me that I understand history. We better all understand History.
Wither it be church history or world history. Whatever.
They all work together anyway.

For me.......this site is mainly for me to be able to release my creative "self"....for lack of better wording. HA! I didn't want to sound too "artsy" you know.

But I am a creative person in my own right and I have to get it out.....

I like to express myself through writing.

I just very simply write what I see and what I feel and what I feel I am supposed to write on. That is how I operate. Things come to me.

I just am going along about my day and stories come into my heart and my mind. Does this happen to you too????
I am constantly jotting down ideals and such. I have scrapes of paper all over the house with little notes or little lines and stuff. It's funny. Sometimes I use them....sometimes I throw them out.

I get some of my greatest inspiration in the shower it seems. What's up with that? Odd. But I guess it's because you are pretty much quieted down and confined to a small area and can't go anywhere for 20 minutes so you are wide open to mediate on things. So I think....I pray, I ponder...I scrub my body and my mind. HA!

Other times...I get ideals to write about while in bed. Especially in the wee hours. Or at least pre "10:00" am.....ha!

THREE weeks ago I'm in bed on a Saturday morning and doing just fine, I'm thinking, I'm praying, I'm relaxing in my warm and comfy bed and I have this thing come to me BIG TIME....and it was STRONG....I know that voice. I've heard it before many times and next thing I know is...I suddenly found myself saying....
"Oh LORD no.....please no..not me and not that, besides I was going to do that 'Scone article" today that I found that cool photo for."

Needless to say the "Scone article" went out the window. Until now that is.
And this is not even how I had intended to use it. Now it is very bla`se compared to what it could have been.
It could have been my "Masterpiece."

Ugh...I hate that, arguing with the Lord about something so goofy, so threadbare in light of eternity.

Yes, it became me, "the created telling the CREATOR" what is best to do in life and in a situation.
As IF! Sad thing too....there was a bit of a warning in this for me as well.

I knew He was telling me to deal with something and I said to Him in my thoughts..."okay, okay I will do it. It's not that big of a deal anyway."
But apparently it was.

I can't tell you I was obedient to what I was told to do. Because actually I have to confess this.
I was NOT obedient.

I didn't deal with it. I didn't want to deal with it in the long run.
I took the back door and hightailed it out of there basically.
Which I am not very proud off either.

Well, days later..... I still didn't get around to it. I put it off..eventually...
I just cast the whole thing aside. Laying it all down for another day but that day didn't come.

Now though it's not really like "fire shut up in my bones" anymore like it was when I first said...."I'll do it."
The sad thing is..that at that point......IT WAS.
What changed??
That's the only person that can be blamed and maybe, someone needed what I should have done. What I could have encouraged them with.
"Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice!"
1 Samuel 15:22

The "messenger" gets messed up sometimes. They are human. They are not divine. However, they need to heed when they are told to do so. That includes me.

Now I'm not saying I "messed up" in regards to these big, crazy sin things or these Pastor's that get into error on doctornal points like that man that Don and I saw the special documentry report on recently on MSNBC...who came up with the "Gospel of Inclusion"...did any of you catch that show? VERY sad.

What I'm saying although is that "not doing what you are asked to do by the Lord can also be sin."
So it's important that we ARE obedient in all things. Evem the little things.

Sometime the "messanger" gets fearful or they don't see the use in speaking whatever "it" may be....this "message" or for whatever reason it may be...they just "drop the ball."

If you don't believe me.......check out Jonah. He ran and had to be vomited out of the belly of a whale. True story.
Or check out Elijah after he confronted the Prophets of Baal.....he "bailed."
I don't blame either one of these guys. They were just human. So am I.

So...from time to time....if you see something on here and it bothers you, maybe it offends you..... please talk to me about it.

Let's chat. Let's dialogue.
Let's do the "Iron sharpening Iron" thing..WHICH I LOVE to do actually...I have friends that I do nothing but that kind of thing with. They say something they heard or something that happened or something they saw on TV and we start to discuss it and we look up stuff and we search out truths and we read things. And all along.....we are encouraging each other, even though it might not sound like it at times...but we are growing from what we are going through together.

When we do this..we are creating a "thread"...... a thread of learning and a thread of "accountability." We hold each other "accountable." For what we are saying and what we are learning and how we are living. It's a GOOD thing.

I've learned this in life..."Not everyone has to win" .....sometimes it's a draw.

The important thing is that we leave as friends. No matter what the results were.
That is how I want it to be with my site as well.

I want us all to be stretched...I want us all to have some fun.....I want us all to learn something...I want you to be provoked in your thoughts and I want you to be challanged in your life. For the good.

Remember .......we are to be "salt and we are to be light to a dying world."
"But you, brothers, are not in darkness, that the day should overtake you as a thief." 1 Thessalonians 5:4

We are also to do this too......
"but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching" and my friends......those days are here wither we want to deal with that thought or not, you and I have no control over the days we are living in.

What we can do is this all the time, we can encourage one another.
We can "build each other UP." We can help each other from stumbling.

“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” St. Francis of Assisi

I like that.

Scones anyone?

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