Monday, October 1, 2007

Brrrrrr......"Currently drinking".....and Prayer Requests

Right now I am having a cup of tea and I am having just regular "Twinings English Breakfast Tea"..that is my all time favorite tea.

I do mix it up a bit from time to time. A little "Blackberry Current" here and there....or some herbal teas, a little bit of this and that on occasion. I usually never drink more than one cup of tea a day......unless it's winter and I'm cold or don't feel well or something.

I haven't had any hot tea in a week or so now. Sometimes when I am dealing with certain health things...I back way, away from caffeine of all types. I don't drink any sodas but I do like tea. Hot especially, and this summer for some reason I have really been into cold tea.

This morning I went to meet with the "Pool Group"...Ms. Sandi is in Philly right now visiting and Norma didn't make it so it was just the other 4 of us....and MAN was that water ever cold......Brrrrrrr! It took some time to get adjusted to the temp but once you get moving it warms up. I mean it doesn't really warm up.....but you do!!

I'm glad I went because it was totally refreshing at the end, plus when we got out of the water we sat in the sunshine around Sandi's patio set and chatted a bit.

Now that I am home.....I had a hankering for a cup of tea. So that's what I am doing now as I write this and then will proceed to write some letters. I'm letting it cool down a bit because my teapot heats the water SO hot. That's a good thing though.

I have a "list of things" a mile long to do today and I have these important prayer requests today.

#1. Please Pray for Carole Turner who is having surgery today. PRAY that her recovery goes well and quickly.

#2. My Mom left a message on my answering machine while I was out and I haven't been able to reach her back but she was asking for prayer for my sister Jerri's Boyfriend's DAD......who is in the hospital and it's something bad and he's not in good shape. I am SURE that we need to pray for him regarding eternity.

#3. Please also pray for our son Caleb who is going through something very hard right now. He needs wisdom and he needs fortitude to do what is right.

We will chat more later......for now.......CHEERS!

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