Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pool Group......

Left to Right: Sarah, Norma, Sandi, Phyllis, and Ann....I'm taking these photos.

This is my "Pool Group"....I've been threatening them that I was going to take a picture sometime and Wednesday was the day I did it finally it.

We were having a bit of a luncheon after swimming that day....something we do on occasion and we sit and talk and it's nice so I thought...."Perfect!!"

This really was a good day to get a photo because soon.....there won't be any swimming due to the cooler weather that is already approaching.
Even now when we get into the pool at 9:30 in the's been getting very chilly compared to the 94 degree water we were in all summer....Brrrrrr.

Being with these ladies has been a very good opportunity for me to meet new people. No one is controlling, no one is a diva, no one is mean, none of them are selfish....they are all kind and super easy to get along with. That is great huh?
Everyone has unique personalities which is fun too.
This has been my second year with them and all has gone well amongst us all.

Not only has it been a good social gathering for us all......we ARE exercising. HA! We do try to solve a few of Baton Rouge's and the World's "problems" while we are in the pool and sometimes we get off rhythm with the tape we use as a result.....but HONESTLY we do keep moving in the water.
AND the water is SO good for me and my heath issues. This has helped me so much. It's amazing what water can do for the body.

Plus I've learned all kinds of interesting things about all these ladies.

just retired from her job, and she and her husband were married a few years ago at the! They even got an audience with Pope John Paul II. So that's very interesting huh? How many people do you know that got MARRIED at the Vatican....then got an audience with the Pope? Sarah is very sweet. She just started coming to the pool this summer. Sarah and her husband want to move to Arkansas to retire someday. I like Sarah.

is retired and she has been ALL over the world on many trips and tours. And I mean ALL over the world. She herself has been to Italy something like 5 times. WOW! It's amazing to us all that she knows about the "Arts" and she keeps us informed as to what is happening which is neat. She goes to a lot of events in the area and beyond and she knows everything that is going on practically from Baton Rouge, to New Orleans to New York City. So if we want to know something about a play or whatever......we ask Norma.
And I love her eyebrows......they are very chic and remind me of the early film stars like Bette Davis. I wish I had cool eyebrows like hers. They are very pretty. I like Norma.

Sandi, is the owner of the "pool." She is very kind and giving and she genuinely loves people. She is always doing something nice for someone and totally has the "gift of hospitality"....I like that. Sandi is a widow and she doesn't slow down for much. She's leaving on a cruise in fact tomorrow. Last year she went to Italy for her birthday after having a blowout party for herself which so many people went to.....they had to open another room at the restaurant. She's well liked by everyone.

She has always called her pool..."The Healing Pool." Because it has been so medicinal for many of us. When I first met her at our mutual friend Marsha's
Tea Room....I had just been told by my Dr.'s that I needed to "get into a pool" for various reasons.....Sandi opened her pool to me. I'm forever grateful.
As a helps me to feel better once I've been exercising in the pool....and I have all these new friends too! I like Sandi.

Phyllis, is retired and has victoriously come through a battle with Cancer. She was just diagnosed and beginning treatment when we started swimming last year. She's doing soooo good this year. Phyllis is funny and has a great sense of humor and she's an Artist. I like all that.Last year her hair was falling out....we went out to eat one day after swimming and she had a wig on and I hardly knew it was her....THIS YEAR however...Phyllis's hair has come back in and it's a lovely gray and she looks like "Paula Dean." That's fun. I like Phyllis.

Ann, is pretty quiet compared to everyone else. Ann is very sweet. Ann's from Kentucky and has a tiny bit of that Kentucky Draw" going on still. Ann's got a daughter that is a Veterinarian. That's neat. Ann made a LOVELY Mexican dip for us on Tuesday and we had a great lunch and visit together. She also made a great pie earlier this summer too. Ummmmm.....we like to eat at the "Pool Group" everyone pitiches in.
Ann's husband is in a battle with Cancer right he needs prayer, he just started Chemo on Monday. I like Ann.

Isn't it great to meet new people and find the benefits in new relationships? and have fun too? All these ladies are nice and loving people and had I not stepped into the "unknown," had I been full of fear of meeting new people who weren't in my "zone" when I came to Sandi's house for the very first time....I would have never met these ladies.

Get out of your "world" people.....go out there and meet some new folks.
Neighbors are a good start.

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