Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz please!

Questions I am asking myself and answering partially at 12:52am.

1." I back up and on the computer after going to bed at 10:30 tonight?"

#2."Why does Luke have to wash clothes EVERY single night after 10:30?"

#3." What is up with all the O.J. news coverage"....blah.

#4. "Why did I NOT eat supper and then was looking for leftovers to eat at Midnight....?"

#5. "Why didn't I stay in bed where it was comfortable?"

#6. "WHO changed my AOL radio station and put on some nutty "Country Western" station....which burned me when I heard some crazed "whisky" lyriced song come belting out when I turned it on?? Uh......that would be LUKE I'm betting.

#7. "What shall we have for supper tomorrow night?"

#8. "What's this new weird pain I have?"......always some new pain lately. Blah....

#9. "Why did those sick people in West Virginia torture that young Black girl?"
I can't stand that nor understand that kind of hate.

#10. "Where's my friend Susan since she went on a trip three weeks ago....she's dropped off the planet and can't be reached via cell phone." Hummm........

#11. "IF I go back to bed now....will the bizillion thoughts in my head go away and I can finally sleep???"

#12. "Will Madeline McCann ever show up?" Pray that she does....I hate that she's STILL missing. It's sad.

#13. "What's up with Posh Beckham getting her own reality show?? Does everyone need to do this now or what?

#14. "Why did I even watch that show tonight in fact......." Bored.

Best try it. Slip back under the covers and try to fall's getting late and IF I keep writing.....I won't stop.
I know how I then I have to edit all I write and I'll be up for hours.
Better stop now while I'm ahead.

Here's a bit of tea "quotation" knowledge for you tonight....rather this morning:

"The spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort and refinement." ~ Arthur Gray

Yes it is Arthur....yes it is.
That's why I like tea so much.

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