Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Summer girls.....

Here's some photos I got from my good friend Lori Kaiser of our girls at church camp this summer.
The first one is of my daughter Ariel, in the brown Royal Rangers shirt of her brothers, HA! Then Lori's daughter Kenzie in the middle, the last girl is a friend of Ariel's that she goes to Woodlawn with, Brookline.
Happy girls.

Bottom one: Ariel and Kenzi.

I'm proud of Ariel and Kenzi because they both have had to make strong stands in their lives and have had to even seperate themselves from some of their friends this past year due to things that the kids are doing and bringing into their lives that these girls won't do.

It's not easy to stand alone in High School. Especially if it's public school.
We all love and appreciate our kids.
It's hard getting them through some of these years...we as parents must do a lot of battle in prayer on their behalves.
One day though it will alll work out for our kids in all areas of their lives and our tears and sacrifices as parents will sooooo be worth it.


FeatherIron said...

What beautiful girls!!

joyce said...

Thank you we think so too....ha!