Saturday, September 1, 2007

Very "Cheeky" indeed

Yesterday marked the "10 year Anniversary" of Princess Diana's Death. I cannot believe that it has been that long. Over the course of those 10 years many inquests and searches of all manner have been made into what caused the accident that took the lives of not only Diana but of the other 3 occupants of the car they were riding in. Only one survived and he's not talking.

Her boys William and Harry have now grown into handsome men. I know they must miss their Mum deeply.

Included in this posting are some photos of not only Wills and Harry...but of some very TACKY "commemorative" tea cups. Some of which I would never own.

I saw a news report last night that showed "Princess Diana" tea sets. How rude. I mean can you actually imagine drinking a cup of tea out of these things. I can't even fathom what possesses the people that come up with these ideals to do so....other than the fact of earning the the almighty dollar. Or pound, depending on where you are.
How would you like your deceased Mom on a tea cup?

It's downright cheeky.

This next part is in memory of the strength of a very weak person......
no not me......although it could be me couldn't it? For I know I am a weak person and without God's help and grace...I just couldn't make it alone in this life.

"Women are like tea bags, they don't know how strong they are until they get into hot water." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt Oh fitting of both Diana and myself. HA! HA!
Any other takers??

I first saw this quote stenciled all along the four walls of the "ladies room" of a British Tea Room in a suburb of Omaha Ne. called "Benson." I was impressed. Not only with the bathroom...but the quote. HA!
The tea shop was appropriately named..."Lady Caroline's" after the owner "Caroline" who was from Nottingham England.
I had taken my Mother there on one of my trips back home so we could make a special memory together. It was right about the time of Queen Elizabeth's "Jubilee" so they had a special meal at the time in celebration of that as we ordered it!
IT was grand. Cooked cherries over chicken and other such good things..including of course...scones and tea...very yummy!

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