Monday, October 15, 2007

Back in the Red Stick

WOW.....we are surely back in Baton Rouge after a restful 4 days out of state.

We did not go to where the above photo was snapped.
I DO wish though, that I was there right this moment. Sigh.

There is nothing "red" happening here at all in Baton Rouge "color wise" regarding the foliage.

In fact....there will be none either. We don't get cold enough to make our trees turn color..normally when it does get cold enough....the leaves just fall off the tree either brown or still greenish....that is except for a few stray "chicken trees."
Odd name.
But hey that's all we get in the south for color in the "tree" realm.

Scraggy trees that change color in the fall/winter. Not too grand or pretty.....but we take what we can get here.

Have you all felt that wretched "humidity" out there today. UGH!!

It's soooo deceptive. I mean I wake up's overcast and "fallish looking" outside. I'm thinking...."finally."

I needed to run a million errands and so of course, I dressed for "the cool weather" outside....only to walk out and be SLAPPED in the face by the mugginess. I'm in a rush as usual so OFF I go anyway...dressed for FALL but once I get to one of my destinations, I notice that MANY other people have done exactly the same thing.

But "great minds think alike" I say. HA!

It's October for Pete's sake.....can't we just get a tad bit of cool pleeease?

While at Whole Foods I was given a divine appointment.
I hate going to WF for several reasons. But I soon learned that I was supposed to be dropping in there today for just one person beside myself.

As far as WF goes it's the corporation I have issues with.
Once of which is...they are running out the locally owned "Mom and Pop" health stores in our of which is Lucy's Health Foods on Highland and Starring which I am trying diligently to support.

So I try to save most of my purchases for them. But on occasion I have to break down and do the WF thing.

Although I do have to say.....I like our WF store in and of itself....good products depending on what you are looking for and I especially look forward to that "Lavender" aroma that "hits you" when you walk in the door way.
It is WAY fantastic. I love that smell. HA!

I hadn't been there in FOREVER ...and I was in the neighborhood plus I have been out of some of the "gluten free" specialties they carry.

I came across two ladies looking for specific "Gluten Free" foods. I was able to not only share information with them but able to minister to the one that was greatly suffering. She had just been diagnosed as a "Celiac" three weeks ago.

She looked alright on the outside. But I could feel that she wasn't doing so good health wise. I asked her "how she was feeling" and she admitted she wasn't doing well at all. She was also "overwhelmed" at this new eating regiment.

I have been there so because of that issue alone....I then had the greatest "Crack in the door" I like to call it at times like this.

I was able to share not only just "how to eat gluten free." But how God cares for us and can help us through this health crisis.
We talked for several moments......and I could see that her "friend" was getting ready to "move on" to the next aisle, but this poor, dear, lady was like a dry sponge and was very, very, open.

I told her amongst other things "to PRAY for God to touch her" and to pray for Him to lead her to the 'right people' to help her" as He had me.

I have a ton of things to write about. I had a bizillion new things come to me while I was away. It is ALWAYS good to get away it clears me up and prepares me for a bit of "new perspective."

From the silliest of things to the most serious of things.
I like that.

I will write some of these thoughts...when I have more time.

Oh......we are having "Chili" for supper tonight. It's like 100 degrees outside and I can't get this "fall" thing out of my head. HA! We will just "roll with it" for now I guess.

It has helped to turn the A/C down to like 42 degrees. Ha!
Where's my wool button up sweater at?
I could wear it while eating my chili.

Wishful thinking.......

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