Monday, October 15, 2007

"News from Vermont today"

Tonight my husband brought in the mail and
I nearly passed out.

Someone had sent us a postcard FROM VERMONT!!! The photo above is the same as the post card but the post card looks way better. HA!

At first I thought it was a joke, then I thought it was an advertisement because I am always entering travel contest things online when I see them.

Currently I am getting a TON of ads and magazines from Missouri. HA!
I know, I'm nutty but hey....I could get a great trip because of that you know.
Or about 50 pounds of scenic "junk mail."
Which is what seems to be the case right now.

Then I concluded to myself...while still trying to solve what it was about before flipping it over and just reading it.

I'm thinking, quickly pondering, overlooking the glossy, postcard front laying there staring at me on the stack of mail when I had this scary thought..."oh my gosh someone read my Vermont blog blurb and sent me a postcard from there!!!" Yikes!

I'm referring to that crazy little entry I had written a few weeks ago about Vermont succeeding from the Union and all. It was all in good fun though as alot of things I write on are.

So I quickly flipped it over to see what was going on with this unexpected "mystery" post card and I quickly read that it was from some very good friends of ours in the Lafayette area. Whew, I was thanking God for that one too....because I really didn't want "hate mail" from Vermont. HA! HA!

My friends have/had NO CLUE what I had written regarding Vermont because they don't have the Internet at their house and I've never gave them my blog address, etc. etc. etc.

Is that hilarious? I love it.
This is the SECOND person I personally know that has told me since I wrote that thing....that they were either IN (as these people are) or were going to Vermont, like the lady that I know that just got BACK from there.

The very next day after posting that article she tells me in conversation that she has to take this business trip with her husband and I said interestingly, "oh to where" and she says....very calmly,

At that point, I nearly tripped in front of her and dropped what I was holding, then I started laughing, because of the whole "Vermont thing I had just wrote the night before." It started flashing in front of me at that point. Not quite like a "vision"....but just as comical words like....."free Vermont"....and "it's the size of a peanut."
Things like that.

I tried to quickly explain to her why I was laughing about that her upcoming trip to Vermont.....without spilling my whole life and writing history.

You know you can't just tell everyone you know that,
....."Oh I just wrote a wonderful Nobel Prize winning story about Vermont, on my blog." Besides....most people don't even know what in the world a blog is so just forget it.

I know she just thought I had a demon or something instead of thinking
"Wow, that Joyce is one literary GENIUS to write on her blog about Vermont."

All that aside....."It's a Small world after all" isn't it?

I'm going to write more about these friends of ours that are in Vermont later.

I've been meaning to do this because they love this one town in No. Carolina and have visited it like a million times and are really into it. I think I want to get into it too.
In fact, I was sort of surprised that they went to Vermont instead of this other place even, because they love it so much..

I want to go to BOTH of these places too now. I've always wanted to check out Vermont, and I think you can see the whole state in a day or less.....ha!

AND I want to make the trek to that town in No. Carolina that we will discuss later. It sounds like fun. Oh and I'm sure Don will be thrilled about it too. Poor man.
He gets drug to some crazy places by me sometimes. He's got the grace to handle it though.

England though......ugh...that trip is going to be a huge stretch for that Yank.
I'm prepping him the best I can and have been for years. HA!

Back to our friends.

These are some very cool people but I can't reveal much about them because they are prominent and all joking aside I don't want some one to stalk them and pull a "Lindbergh baby" thing on their family.

So they will remain "anoym" name wise.....but I can however speak about their hearts and their friendship to this family and many other people all over the world.

They love missionaries wonder I've always liked them from the start.

I'm GLAD they are having a great time in Vermont. They totally deserve it.

They wrote this on the back of the postcard they sent us:

"We are vacationing in Vermonth. LOVING it.Our first day today......saw LOTS of foliage, and old bridges and toured the Cabot Cheese Factory, we have lots more to do. Just thinking of you all!"

She said a "Cheese Factory?"

I'm thinking "great fall foliage, cool old bridges, CHEESE....?"

I'm ALL about Vermont.

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