Friday, October 5, 2007

Grand Opening today.....yahooo!!??

Finally the new "Cabela's Store" is opening today and that is already causing some major hunting lust for people here in this area.

Let me give you an example:
Today my son who is in High School has the office call me and they tell me "****" ( I don't want to totally incriminate him) is sick and needs to check out." So like any good Mom, I say "okay" and I do the mandatory "e-mail to the school" stating that he has my permission to come home.

Upon arriving home though, he tells me....."yeah me and so and so (I don't want to divulge that kids name) are going to Cabela's when he gets out of 4th hour!"
My son wasn't even sick! The "BFL"...other than the fact that he's got
"Cabela's FEVER." This is crazy.

He normally gets out at noon anyway so why he had to come home at 10:00am I haven't a clue. Since my pool group was canceled....he wants me to come along because he's sure they are giving away "Free Stuff".....right.

I think he wants me there to PAY for a new 4 wheeler or something. He already asked me if he could just take my "debit card" to which I said....."NO WAY!"

Because then I would have a boat in my back yard.

My family....including myself (because I am not SO not a hunter, my family is though) like these stores because they are really unique. They have all kinds of neat stuff..even for women.
We went a couple of times to the main BIG "Bass Pro" store in Springfield Mo. and it was anytime we are in a town with a "Bass Pro or a Cabela's...we stop and go check it out.

Welcome to the area Cabela's......we are hoping that Bass Pro hurries up and gets open soon as well.

Me and my husband have a "Date Night" planned for tonight......I'm supposing it's going to be to Cabela's?? Oh well.

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