Thursday, October 4, 2007

Crazy antics going on in Belfast......

Upon reading the BBC news at 11:01pm tonight......and coming across this VERY "Important" story.....I HAD to post this.
People may need to know this information.
It could be used as a "Travel Advisory" even.

Note the headline and you too will see how deadly "serious" this topic is. Read on and take heed, this IS graphic.

"Leapfrogging mayor bruises tomato."

The first paragraph of this horrendous story reads this way......
"The Lord Mayor of Belfast has apologised to a council worker left with back injuries after he tried to leapfrog her during a photoshoot."

Sorry, but when I read this and saw the photo....
I absolutly laughed my HEAD OFF.

Are these people insane?

What.....There's no other news going on in the whole of Ireland today??
I mean is it "just me" or what?

Plus the Mayor of Belfast looks like Don's Dad, God rest his soul.....without the necklace.

The Mayor's wear those things...I met the Mayor of Londonderry and he had one on too. It's a "Mayoral" thing. It has a name and a reason, I just can't remember it right now.

The Mahan's ARE Irish so it could be a crazy cousin or something.
You never know.

They always have the weirdest headlines on the BBC and some crazy stories to boot.
That's why I love it.
VERY entertaining as you can well tell and informative.

You can check out the entire article here..."Leapfrogging Mayor of Belfast."

I hope the lady (in the tomato costume) will be okay. I think she's had to take a bit of time off of work. I hope they have "Workman's Comp" over there in Ireland.
I guess this will fit under that plan..... sort of????

The Lord Mayor did have this to say about himself....
"He said: "I'm very fit and look after myself, but it was just one of those unfortunate things."

That's good to know.....although he does look to be like about 90 years old possibly and maybe has had a wee, bit too much of the "Guiness"... I'm guessing.

However, I feel WAY better just knowing "he's very fit and looks after himself." Right.

But just in case I go visit Belfast again...and The Lord Mayor even tries to "Leapfrog" me because like I'm from America or something.

I tell you what.....I'm not taking it sitting down like Ms. Tomatoe did.....
I'm RUNNING if he comes flying like a banshee trying to "leapfrog" me.

Let's all hope that our Mayor of Baton Rouge, doesn't take up "Leapfrogging" over our
City Councilman's heads.

Well, that is unless it helps with the traffic problems here.....maybe that
WOULD help something.

Off to bed now.....I've been having way too much fun reading the news tonight.

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