Saturday, October 20, 2007

Here's a REAL "Nobel Peace Prize" winner.....

Above photo left to right.
Curtis, Nobel Peace Prize winner
"John Humme"
, his wife and
"yours truly."
The people behind us are "Dan Rooney" and his wife, the owners of the "Pittsburgh Steelers"
Who were there touring with the Humes.
We are at "Grianan of Aileach" an old stone fort in No. Ireland.

Last week while my husband, daughter and I were away on a bit of a "holiday." Miss Priss and I were taking a little "nap" in our room while my husband was watching the news.

I was in and out of a light sleep, but I thought I heard that "Al Gore had won the Nobel Peace Prize." I figured I was having a nightmare, then I thought I must have heard wrong since I was groggy. So I kept napping.

A little bit later, my cell phone rang and it was my good friend Susan.
I love Susan because she KNOWS everything about what is going on in the entire world.
Ever since "Meemaw" died this summer...Susan's Mom...we've lost a vast informational source that was renowned. Delores was semi bed ridden, so she read 2-3 newspapers a day, plus all kinds of stuff like books, newsletters, magazine.

Not counting that she watched every news broadcast available. If you wanted to know anything, or didn't want to know something.....Meemaw knew it WAY before the rest of us.
I really miss that, plus she would always be praying for you so that is now a great loss.

So I'm laying in my comfortable bed in our hotel room when my cell phone rings. I answer it and this is what I heard from Susan.

First thing out of her mouth was...."hey where are you?" So I told her.
Second thing was......"hey what do you think of Al Gore getting the Nobel Peace Prize?" HA! I started laughing because I love it. She's SO on "my page."

During our converstation, we both concluded that the "Olso" people had been smoking "pickeled herring" and we couldn't belive that they gave AL Gore that award.
For peace???

That made me remember my one and only "claim" to meeting a pretty famous person in my lifetime.
Who just happened to be an appointed "Nobel Peace Prize" winner.
A "Real" one.

The meeting was TOTALLY was by accident. But I believe it was a "Divine appointment" forsure.

The day after I arrived in Ireland, the Pastor we were working with asked me and the other leader shown in the photo, who was from California at the time, (can't you tell?) if we would "care to go see Grianan?"

Which we didn't have a clue as to what that was, but we said...."sure." I was totally game because I wanted to start seeing some of what was around us. We were the only ones to go along with him.

By the way, I don't want to say this Pastors name or information, just incase.
You have to understand what they've been through in that area and then you would know why. Besides one word.

I've learned you can't be too careful (especially on the internet) and this man has a wife and children and a church that needs to be protected.

When we arrived there it was COOOLD and it was windy. It was June in Ireland.

While walking around and taking in the fort and the landscape, the man that took us was all of a sudden overcome and was he very excited and awe struck and he told us..."There's John Hume." The other leader and I were like.....
"and John Hume is?????" Crazy Americans.

The Pastor then started to tell us that he was the "Nobel Peace Prize" winner along with David Trimble.
Okay, I knew who Trimble was. I'd studied about him and I knew he shared the Peace Prize award with another man.....who turned out to be this man John Hume who was standing near us.

David Trimble was Protestant, John Hume was Catholic. This was a huge deal.
These two men had helped work on what was to be called "The Good Friday Agreement" which was an agreement between several conflicting groups in No.Ireland to try to come to some terms for peace.

It's complicated to explain. The United States even helped to work up the agreement with Great Britian as well, but it eventually fell apart.

The Pastor went over to Mr. Hume and told him "how much he appreciated his work and what he had done on behalf of No. Ireland" and other such sentiments which I thought was very nice. He also asked him...."would he mind taking his photo with these leaders, (Curtis and myself) who had come to do some reconcilation work in the area."
He agreed.

He and his wife were very nice and accomidtaing. We didn't say much to them.

The other leader Curtis, was very excited after the photo because the other man that had been there with them had introduced himself to him and gave him his business card and he was Dan Rooney the owner of the Pittsburg Steelers. Whew your talking American royalty. HA! I learned later that they are very supportive of "Irish causes." Good ones.

What an honor that was though for all of us!
Yet, I always forget that it even happened because SO many wonderful things took place for me on that one trip.

This Al Gore thing brought it all back to my mind.

I think there is a HUGE difference with what those two men, David Trimble, and John Hume acomplished in the world as compared to Al Gore.
It's kind of sickening to me because I don't see ANY comparison to what he's done in comparison to what those men did.

Peace is something that can't be compared to much else on this planet.
Peace is something that must be fought for.
Peace is something many people do not have.

I think you get my point.

John Hume died a few years ago and I was sad when I learned of his death.
David Trimble is still working in politics and is a memember of the "House of Lords" associated with the "House of Parliment" in London.

We continue to pray for lasting "peace" in No.Ireland.
Incidents still do happen there sad to say.

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