Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quotes and poems

I think I'm going to start a new thing on the Secret Gardener.
Not counting that last little diddy of a poem my sister sent me.....I've thought about giving you some poems and quotes that I've found that are are meaningful.
I want do do this for various reasons.

One is, I love quotes. I always have.
They inspire me. They may inspire you too.

Poems, make me think.
I laugh at some. Especially Haiku's.

I am no poet, but I've been around some and their passion is amazing to me. I've at times been embarrassed even for them. I guess really for me.

Especially when they are big strong men and they write the sweetest sentiments and read them with trembling voices.

I've not know wither I should stand and applaud them or laugh quietly to myself because they seemed so silly, yet they were not at all silly.

Oftentimes because of the emotions being broadcast, the air in the room would seem heavy, like you almost couldn't breath, or didn't want to take a breath beause the moment was so raw. You didn't want to spoil it.

What I loved though was their genuineness and their willingness to expose their deepest thoughts and to lay their souls bare before us.

I want to always put these types of things on this site.

*Things to make you ponder.

*Possibly to stir up your heart.

*To maybe make you cry.

*Encourage you to make a difference somehow, somewhere.

*For you viewing pleasure.

*To cause you to laugh.

*To make an impact on your soul.

And much, much more awaits us in this area but for now the hour is late and
I am tired.

I will post things on occasion and will just call some of this......
"quotes and or poems" for lack of a better title. HA!

Here is tonight's quote.....I love it.

There's so much to be said about this one. So much to be said about this Organization as well and about the Founders.

"While women weep, as they do now, I'll fight; while children go hungry, as they do now I'll fight; while men go to prison, in and out, in and out, as they do now, I'll fight; while there is a drunkard left, while there is a poor lost girl upon the streets, while there remains one dark soul without the light of God, I'll fight-I'll fight to the very end!" --William Booth
Founder of the Salvation Army.

What a great illustration of what they still do today.....
Couldn't you just feel it????

The Salvation Army is certainly not a "Glam" organization that's for sure. You have to wear a uniform and everything if your a minister in this group. No trendsetting going on there. This place has a lot of dedicated servants in it.

I appreciate them for many reasons.

One being,
They conducted my Grandfather Ayres' funeral several years ago.

I was humbled and I was impressed by them.

I was so glad they were there for him at the end of his life.
He was just frail, and lonely.
A widower of over 20 plus years.
No one famous.

He wasn't an addict, nor an alcholic, or a derilict that needed help.

He didn't have any riches, nor friends, and only a tiny, handful of family members left.
One of which was me.
He was just an old man.

They were kind to him.

And THAT made all the difference in the world,
and in heaven for him.

They've done this for lots of years now and continue to do this for many of the
"lest of these" people who are out there.

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