Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ladies, please carry your own purses........

I'm giving you some "visual examples" of "HIGHLY important people."
Now...notice that they are ALL carrying their own handbags.

My question is....."So why can't we all do the same??"

My husband and I listened in astonishment to a "credible" report of a wife of a "Leader" of large church that asked someone in that church to become her new "purse armor bearer."
I felt a bit of vomit rising in my throat along with my blood pressure as we endured the bloody details.

May God have "MERCY" on the Body of Christ is all I can say because

Basically the job description for this person would be to run around, probably
"two steps" behind this woman I'm sure and carry her "pocketbook" (that's what my friend Liz from Connecticut always called purses...I love that word.) around for her during church, etc.....and...to do a few other ridiculous, and belittling things in the process.

Now I have a few words on this.....basically it's this.

"Get over yourself and carry your own baggage lady."

Things like this irritate the fire out of me because it is a BLATANT "abuse of power."

You may well be shocked to hear such things......but it's happening everwhere and it's happened forever. These are the kind of crazy antics that make us look like "kool aid drinkers."

In fact, we have a very good friend who got into this kind of craziness once. Our friend was carrying some woman's "purse, she was toting her LUGGAGE......she was ironing her clothing"....basically she was being her "butler or valet"....I'm not joking. It was out of control.
My friend was only trying to be a help to this woman who quite literally "used" her. It wasn't a nice ending. I will say that.
Now my friend is very snake bitten.

What I can't believe is that it continues to go on, and on, though and pity the poor person that says "yes" to such humiliating treatment.

I know, I know, I know, I KNOW in my heart.....that this proposed "purse bearer" is only trying to "serve the person of God." I know they are trying to help that person to be and get done what they need to do to in life.

AND I sooooooo appreciate that from that person.

But they need to be careful as well. Because when they do such things......they allow this kind of abusive person to be "petted." And frankly......they like it. So then it gets bigger and bigger and they have to have more and more "personal catering" done for them. And then that servant will be over run with their leaders ungrateful wishes. I've seen it and I've heard of it many times.

It just makes me sick really.

Don't get me wrong....IF your arm is broken. I will be the first to offer to carry your "Fendi" to help you out. I do not have a problem with that.
IF your baby is in your arms and is wiggling and your about to loose your stuff I will grab your new "Coach" bag.....that's not an issue with me at all.

Say your fake "Prada" that you got in the French Market in New Orleans just falls off your shoulder and spills all over the place..... I will be "on it."
I will get down on the ground and help you pick up your lotions and pens and other important items that have just taken a tumble and I will think nothing of it.

However...if you ask me to carry your "Hermes" for you so you can "float around like a Fairy Princess before her 'people'" then forget it sister.

I'm from Iowa and we carry our own purses there. In fact we proably raised the cow, ate it...took the hide, and fashioned a purse out of it.

Some thoughts for the beloved purse owner.....maybe you could:

#1. Get rid of your $3000.00 dollar Louis V and "downsize your bag" if you can't handle it yourself.

#2. Get one of those little "fanny pack" things like Hulk Hogan wears and put that thing on over your dress.....it's basically "hands free."

#3. Do what my Chiropractor says to do and "don't use a purse" they are bad for your back anyway so just "carry your lipstick and credit cards and cash, whatever..in your pants pocket.

#4. Maybe have wheels rigged to your purse so that you can just "pull it" behind you.

I don't know what else to say except...."Leaders...PLEASE in the name of all that is good and right......stop the foolishness." The media is watching. People in your church are watching......most of all...you know WHO is watching.

PLUS.....I really don't recount in scriptures Jesus asking the disciples to
"carry around his cloak or sandals."
Actually I kind of also remember some very scary scriptures in Jeremiah about the "Shepherds"....some of them start out as....."WOE"......someone might want to check those out.....start with Jeremiah 23:1.......that's a good one.

Footnote: To the "Purse/Arm Candy thing"
Tonight at supper......my darling and very "witty" husband reminded me that
"Judas held the purse" for the disciples.
Hummmmm......I think there was intent of some sort of "pun" in that remark of his.
That also made me think that possibly these "purse holder seeking people" might want to be careful "who" they choose. Yikes!!

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