Sunday, October 7, 2007

"Refuse to Loose".....

This SHOULD be our
"War Cry" in every part of our lves you know.

It worked for LSU last night. What an exciting game.....whew!!! I had fled the frontroom earlier to get away from watching the game because I couldn't take it....we were "down" pointwise and making tons of I came into the office to read and write some.

My husband yelled for me to come back in and watch the last few minutes of the game......which I am GLAD I did! WOW! And was it ever a great ending.

I LOVE it when that happens.

"Refuse to loose" my friends......keep up the good work LSU....your earning your spot in the Football "history books"...... but don't become proud.

That is where so many people, "loose the ball and falter" in life. It's a good lesson in football, it's a good lesson in life.
To us all.
Be humble. Stay humble.
No matter how big in the "eyes of man" you become.
Be humble. Stay humble.

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