Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Music to my ears....

I love to listen to "classical music." I like it all, some of my favorites include "chamber music and liturgical music." But basically I love to listen to all kinds of classical music.

There is not a day that goes by where I don't have my computer turned on and am listening to the "classical" music station on the internet.

There are several listings under "Classical" on my providers station listings so if you get sick of one song or have had enough of Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" you can switch it to say "Romantic classic" or to "Top Classical" and so on and so forth.

Something I know is that "music inspires me" in various ways and fashions.
It calms me, and causes me to reflect and to ponder.
I need it.

I heard this regarding classical music on WRKF (National Public Radio) the other day from Bob Mooberry, who was the announcer at that time.

He said......"Classical music ain't going to change." I was driving in my vehicle and I guickly wrote down what he said afterwards, because I thought the point he was making was interesting. Because you hasn't. I mean think about it. Through the years....classical music is the SAME. It doesn't change....that's why it's called "Classical" I suppose.

I like that. It's steady.

I mean when you want to hear Chopin's "Piano Concerto #2"'s always going to be the same. Maybe a tad bit of variety of the instrumentation depending on who's playing it but more than likely "no."
It's always going to be the way Chopin wrote it and meant for it to be played.

Don't get me wrong, I like change. But some things, I don't want to change.
Like Classical music.

That's why McDonald's has done so well through the years. Because you can order a "Big Mac" anywhere in the WORLD and a "Big Mac" is still a "Big Mac" no matter where you travel.

I like this about the scriptures too.
Scripture is to be scripture. You can't vary the may have a tad bit different story teller but, it's the original story.

It's so good to know, that some things never change.

Such things will stand the test of time and there will be no varying when it comes to the "Masterpiece."

Good to know.

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