Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Saturday "Game View"

What a FUN day!!!! Ariel and I went to the pool early and while there... watched the "Old Miss/Bama" game at the pool, then the network switched over and Don came down and we were then able to watch the "LSU/Kentucky" game...ugh. HA!

We had a great time of it lounging by and in the pool, reading and chatting. Ate a nice lunch there as well...poolside service baby, that's what I am saying.
It was yummy and reasonable! Don't worry.....we ate PLENTY of the "Wendy's value menu" on this trip. Which we like anyway!

We did leave at "halftime"....good thing too I think.

Mainly because we had been at the pool ALL day long...it was starting to "cool off" and become very breezy and it was tad chilly when your sitting there in your bathing suit.

PLUS...greater than all that....Don and Ariel were becoming "RED" as lobsters. Ouch. We forgot the suntan lotion.
I never use any because I swim three times a week and don't ever burn.
Oh well....

I bet that lady that was in the little purple "LSU Bikini" felt bad in more ways than one.

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