Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So much to do.... so little time

Where is the time going????

I have a million things going it seems.
I used to have my Regional guy say to me whenever I would get overwhelmed when I worked before becoming home to recoup.....
"How do you eat an elephant?"

I, who have never tasted an elephant before had no clue "how to eat an elephant."

His reply was always......."One bite at a time."
I guess that is how I will approach this day....even though it's flying out the window as I sit here and type.
I would rather write all day but alas....things in this house and beyond ARE calling my name.

A couple of things briefly........

We had to go and "Sign off" with the insurance company that insured the DWI guy that hit my husband and son a year ago yesterday.

We had been TOLD by the young man's lawyer at the end of last week that "we could wait".....but then the guy's insurance company called us and said....."TODAY is the day." SO.....we had to rush to get to this office ......we weren't prepared to do this at this moment......we had to re- adjust everything we were doing at that place in time and rush over there by 5:00pm to sign paperwork. Frustrating!!

Our file on the table was 3 1/2 inches THICK! Crazy.

We HAD to accept the offer they had to give us just so we could get "something" for our damaged vehicle and Don's work trailer. Otherwise we would have had to sue him and maybe garnish his wages. Which doesn't always work either.

So we decided that after an entire YEAR of this maddness.....we want this to be over. Can you imagine not being paid for your car for over a year after an accident???

Good thing my husband had JUST bought himself another truck right before this accident. Good thing they weren't riding in it or they would have been dead.
We have and we are moving on.......we are out major $$$ money though.

Again...we rejoice that no loss of life happened. I reminded my husband of that yesterday in the insurers office when he was a bit discouraged over this matter.

The insurance guy told us that he talked to the guy yesterday and that he said...."Today's the day" same thing he told us.

The kid told him...."I haven't any money to pay them" because HE was to "make up the difference" between the damage settlement that the insurance company could pay and what we actually lost. The insurance company had to pay for another vehicles in this accident so there was only so much $$$ to go around.

The young man told this insurance guy...that he has "14 Felony charges against him right now"......yes I said "14." Those do not all stem from this accident. I think he received 3 Felonies out of this accident he caused with us. I haven't a clue what the other situations are but......all I can say is.......YIKES!

He appears to be back in New Orleans with his family now.....apparently they have gotten back into their home. From what I can understand....this isn't some trashy family. In fact.....someone is a published poet. Interesting.

He's so young to be in this much trouble. I don't know his story.....but I pray he has an encounter that will help him in life.

On a BETTER, happier note......isn't the day gorgeous????

The humidity is good today for me. I have one thing I am battling physically so that's not too bad...this low humidity helps me SO much.
I wish it were like this more often.

We are taking a few days away.
I would have loved to do the "Fall thing" (that will be next month when we go home to Iowa) but it's going to be a "beach thing" this go around.
Now Luke can't come along, work he will stay home with the dog.
It will only be Ariel tagging along and she is not a happy camper.

I have to clean, I need to pack and I need to be somewhere this afternoon.
Its "Adieu" for now my friends.

Enjoy your day.

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