Thursday, October 4, 2007

This world is not my home.....

We used to sing this song a LONG time ago...."This World Is Not My Home, I'm Just A Passing Through"....
in fact for those of you who are "Glen Berteau" fans.....he used to play it all the time at church and it one was one of my friend Joanie's FAVORITE songs. HA! HA!

I've tried to find the lyrics that we sang but I can't find them anywhere.

I will have to call Joanie and reminisce about that......she may remember them. I'll have to try her later tonight and see if she can come up with them.

Anyhow......we are just passing through my friends.

We are supposed to be "Pilgrim's"....I love that for all it stands for and such.

It brings these thoughts to my mind when I think of......"just passing through."

"Pilgrim's Progress"..."The Pilgrim's"...."The Pioneers" know....people that are the "Bedouin" type.

Gypsies.....yeah I like that. I have always had that "Gypsy" thing going on inside me....I don't know really drives my husband nuts.......but it's fun for me to want to be somewhere.....just temporary.
And to GO, GO, GO.

Even if we just pull our home behind us. HA! HA!

Let's not forget that part in the middle of our daily grind....the "Pilgram" thing.
We ain't hanging here forever folks.

Wow.....notice that last line on the cartoon.
I just saw it when I blew up my site to edit this for mistakes.
Ouch!!! Good reminder.
If I remember my theology correctly...Ol' Maxine is right.

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