Saturday, October 6, 2007

Today is an IMPORTANT day......

Yes, today is a majorly, important day.......because SANDFORD JUST BEAT USC!!!!!! My husband just yelled that into me! HA! HA! Come on LSU......let's go!!!!
I had to come in the office and get on the computer because the game was stressing me out. I had to take a break from the action because I'm not supposed to get stressed out. Ugh.

Okay well that wasn't the "important day" thing I was talking about. But that is awesome news. HA!

Today my husband and I celebrated our Wedding Anniversary......guess how many years??? We are somewhere inbetween "Silver and Pearls."

I am shocked myself really. It makes me feel 150 years old but actually we were married when we were just out of High 18....which is what everyone did then. All our friends did. But I don't know if any of them are married any more. I know many are divorced that got married when we did. Sad.

So today we celebrate......"29" years of marriage.
Doesn't that sound sooooooooo long??

I have to say though.....I got myself a great husband. He is hard working...more than most anyone I have ever met, he is very dedicated to God first, then to me, then to our children. He is loyal.....and he is SO SMART!
My husband amazes me at what all he CAN do. He can read a book and fix a car.
I've seen him do it.

He has always been right up there with "Macgyver" joke.
I promise you, Don COULD have gotten the "Skipper" and all the people off of Giligan's Island in about 5 minutes.

I love my husband very much.....he's my best friend.
I guess so, I mean we grew up together really....we started dating our Junior year in High School. I have many friends all over the planet......but none like him.

It's been a journey that is forsure......but a good one, and it's not over either.

Marriage is something that you make happen. You have to work on it.
It's like a great work of art by a "Master" painter. It's a "work" in the making.
And it is WORTH it.

So we will take a trip next weekend for some quality "Family time." We've decided to take the two younger kids along...because we don't get to spend near enough the time with those people as we need to and they will be out on their own before we know it.
The kids are of course less than "thrilled." HA!

Oh well you know how teenagers are. We WILL make it worth their time and ours.

We will be making memories regardless.
I wanted to go North......but looks like we will head "East."
Hey, that reminds me off a band we used to listen to in High School called ...."Head East." hummmm....

There is a story behind that too...
Do you know the group formally known as "Petra??" Well when I was in High School....John Schlitt was the lead singer of that other band....then he had a major "life change."

So did Don and I.
For us it was a very radical life change.
It was probably around the same time that the very same thing happened to
John Schlitt.

Through the years he led worship at my friend Joanie and Ray's little church in Utah when they lived there...they knew him and his family..then he went on to become the lead singer for "Petra."
They still get Christmas cards from them.....I think they live in Franklin TN. now.
Funny......small world.
Everything "threads" my friends......everything.

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