Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Where is Tony at???

Where is Tony Blair lately? I've not heard anything about him since he resigned his position as Prime Minister.

Well, I did see him on TV one time taking on his new role as a "Middle East Envoy" and he was getting on a train in London with his brief case and no help. He didn't have the tons of "security guys" around him anymore.
He was wide open. That's kind of scary after the important role he just held for all these years.

I don't know if "M15" was hiding somewhere in the train depot or maybe they had a new "James Bond" watching over him somewhere but it seemed weird to me.

Anyway.......pray for Tony. I know he needs it.

Don't you love this photo of him having a cup of tea? British men are very cool that way.

I bought my husband a very expensive "WEDGEWOOD" tea cup and saucer...something sort of "Manly looking"..one year for our wedding anniversary. HA!
Lovely gift huh?
But he was always teasing me that "he never had a special tea cup" like I did.

Well, that thing is currently in my china cabinet. Never to be used again.
I think he had maybe one cup of tea in it maybe??

Here's a nice tea quote for you today:

"Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea."

Now......isn't that a comfort????
I LOVE tea and toast......especially when I don't feel good. Especially when I DO feel good too. HA! It has to be "gluten free toast" now and that is not so great.

Oh well. "Chin up!" Could be worse.

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