Friday, November 2, 2007

A Few Things.......

Good Lord!
You know there are soooo many amazing things on the net. And a few not so amazing things as well believe you me.

Recently I have recently found a whole NEW world of blogs.

CRAFT blogs.

I had no clue people were doing this. They are amazing!

I know I sound full of drama... but they are really soooooo cool!
So artsy and interesting and they all link to other crafters and they are all like....."Friends."
I am liking how they all "connect and network" together.

THAT alone is important to a person like me.
I am ALL about "networking."

Anyhow...I love stuff like that...arts and crafts and old stuff. Handmade.....home grown, created with love.

My family ...extended that is.....are crafters and artists. So I've always been around it and I miss it.

My Aunt Connie in Missouri has been an artist for ever and she does all kinds crafts and has appeared in numerous craft shows and stores in Mo. It's been fun to go see her stuff she's done before. I haven't been able to go see her do that in years.

I am not as fantastic of an artist like her....not at all in fact....and I am not doing any crafts right now. I was doing some very nice jewelry until my hands/joints went awry.
However, I would love to get back into doing something productive in that manner but it depends on a few things.

PLUS.....I like these blogs because I love to see what's going on in other parts of the country too.

Every area has their own style you know.

The South is WAY different than the East Coast and the Midwest. I learned that a long time ago. I can't buy stuff in my home town in Iowa because it's so not going to fit in once I get it back here to Baton Rouge.

Trouble is......I love that stuff, any kind of old time looking things.
Victorian, type things...Roses...Old glass..Lace....Antiques, Flowers....Old Books.

It doesn't really fit in well in this area of the world any longer.
I mean it did when I first moved here, then it all changed. So I've changed my decor as well through the years. But I miss the other stuff. I've saved a lot of hopes. HA!

I need to move. I have wanted to forever just live in a "Cottage."
Like Mole's house in Wind in the Willows.With two big wing back chairs in front of a roaring fire.

Not a track house in a subdivision. There's not much "Character" to that now is there? We kind of all...just..."Blend in." Blah. Boring.
I'm not complaining. I am very thankful for my home, etc.

I just like a bit more "creativity" in my life.

But at this point in time.....I'm just GLAD to doing good and to be up and moving along so we must stay thankful for what we are able to do and have. I just don't do well in the "Cookie mold" of life.

I like being different.

It's who I am and I used to just fit in with everyone and be a clone but I have learned to be "who" I am. Life is grander that way, when you aren't pretending to be someone who you really aren't.
Don't you agree?
We've all done it. No condenmnation.

On that note.....let's switch channels a bit....

Guess WHO is back?????

A dear, old friend that I have MISSED for some years now.


I loved that magazine when it was around before and then was gone. Many of us wrote and protested.
Now after years away......she's come back like a dream. I received my first copy in the mail two weeks ago and SAVORED it. HA! I read it and read it and it's by my bedside even now.

I'm so glad they brought it back. Some of us are caught in a time warp and need things to keep us stirred in our imaginations. This will help do the job.

Have a good day. Until later.

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