Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Photos......

First photo:Denna, Janna, and Alyssa
My little sister and my nieces.

They are very sweet little girls. I rarely get to see them and I hate that.
We had a special "night" with them the day after Thanksgiving because they had to spend the holiday with their Daddy this year.

Second/Third photos:

The girls were able to open the Christmas presents and other crazy stuff we brought to them.
My Mother is sitting on the left end of the couch on one of the photos.

Last photo:Dan and Janna who are still newlyweds! They got married in the Spring. I missed the wedding of course because of the distance, but I brought their present up with me for them to open. :~)

Good thing you have like a "year" to do that "etiquette wise."
I was getting close to the deadline. HA!

Sorry....a few of the photos are a bit fuzzy for some reason.

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