Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Snowy Iowa

I TOTALLY forgot to take some photos around the town while we were there and after it had snowed.

Here are some shots I snapped on Interstate 29 on our way to St. Joseph Mo.

I took them on our way out of town once I thought of it in the truck. Duh!

I wish I had taken some earlier but I really wasn't thinking "take photos for the blog" every day you know???

The snow as already starting to leave when we it's not as hearty as it was the first few days.

There are beautiful hills and bluffs where we were so it's soooooooo pretty when it does snow.

It looked like God took a powdered sugar shaker and "dusted the hills"'s inspiring really.

Plus.....this was a "good" snow too.

Yes, there are "good snows and bad." Sometimes they don't "stick".....sometimes it's TOOOO much. Sometimes it's WAY too cold.
This was perfect actually.

The snow was plenty enough maybe 1-2 inches.....and it wasn't like a
"Siberian cold front" either.

Cold enough but not toooo cold.

Just right.

Caleb took a ton of photos on the first snow day of him and Luke and their
"Cousin" Kyle, riding ATV's at a farm they stayed at while we were there.

I will get some of those and post them because they are pretty cool.

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