Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Isabella's Closet

I LOVE Holly with Red Berries, and Mistletoe and Ivy and Winterberries....basically green plants with berries of some sort......
I always have.
But ESPECIALLY at Christmastime.

So when I asked "Mary" at Isabella's Closet to make me a new Christmas Banner she gave me several to choose from and I chose this one.

Of course!! Because of the cute, cute, Holly and Berries.

She just designed it all up for me today and here it is already!!

Very fast and very reasonable!!
IF you aren't very savvy on designs and computer stuff like me.....ha!
You might want to check her out.
Well, check out her site regardless because she has very cool things on there.

Plus......this is how she obtains her income along with a part time job, AND selling homemade items on E-bay.

She's very resourceful and I appreciate what she is doing.

Please consider checking out her site.

"Isabella's Closet."
There are some very cute items on it as well and plus.....
you can read her story.

I like people's "stories".....some are sad, some are happy, all are interesting. I am ALL about "people" though.
Near and far away.

It's neat how the Kingdom works.
I'm all about that too.

It's a good thing to be "Kingdom minded."
It isn't all about us.

It's good for us to consider people we don't even know and may never meet face to face.

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IsabellaCloset said...

Joyce, Thank you so very much for the very kind words about me and my banners. How sweet you are! Hope you enjoy your new banner.
If you do not mind could I please have your birthday to add to blog?
Take care ~Mary~ :-}