Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Off the wagon".....not a good thing really.

I totally fell "OFF the wagon" this weekend. I don't know WHAT in the world is up with that.

Friday.....I went with Miss Priss to McDonald's and ate a FISH SANDWICH.....which I can't eat and haven't since I don't know when.
Not good.

Then tonight after church.....I beg my husband to "hang a right" into the SONIC so I can get a "Hamburger"....he couldn't believe it and I hated to disappoint him. Because I've been VERY DILIGENT to stay away from "Gluten" and he's been very proud of me and supportive of me in my new eating "lifestyle."

Now it's like.......
"Some one HELP me...I've fallen and I can't get up."

Man, isn't that how it is. You let one thing in and seven more devils come with it.

I've ate totally "Gluten Free" since February and have done very good if I might say so myself. It's a super hard diet and I don't do it for weight's totally for the health issue.

This week I had a horrible health "set back" or whatever and it's like I'm nutty now.

Maybe I am thinking deep inside my mind.....that since we are heading to the Midwest and it's Thanksgiving, that I will "Cave IN" anyway with all that food my Mom and family will be offering me like......ummmm
......"Oyster Dressing"....which I would never normally eat on the "Gluten Free" diet...and I don't eat any seafood anymore either...because it's totally "inflammatory" to a person like me.

I am having a HUGE inflammation problem right now.
Hence the Predisone "BUCKET load doses" I'm on since the E.R. visit.

I'm seeing a Specialist this week so hopefully that will go well.

I've just have got to GET A GRIP on the food thing again and get away from the Gluten.

I mean maybe I just "NEEDED" a Hamburger tonight and a Fish Sandwich Friday.

Like it is "comfort food" or something. Like I've been traumatized.

Ugh...I don't know, but I DO know this.... I'm feeling the Hamburger effects right now and it's called "heartburn." Gross.

I never get heartburn.

It was SO not worth it.

Especially if I could have had a piece of CAKE instead.

I love and miss Cake most of all.

Apparently I've missed Fish sandwiches and Hamburgers too.... on nasty white buns.

Oh well.....tomorrow's a new day and a possible new "sandwich choice."

Better not or I will SWELL up like a "Blow fish."

Stop it.

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