Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mahan Men "Game Night"

Don and the boys.....Luke is wrapped in the "Down Comfortor" like it's his "cocoon"....Gabe at the top and Caleb in the bottom were into the "Grizzly Adams look" that day. Grrrrrr!

Friday night, the "brothers" as they call each other....came over and ate supper with us and then they proceeded to play........
"Star Wars Monopoly."

I don't do games in this house so I sat that one out as did Miss Priss because these men are always WAY too competitive for us ladies. They are cavemen. They MUST win.

I learned that "Southern Mama" trick.
That if you "Cook a meal" the children will come home.

So we cooked "special" Friday night. Don BBQ'd and I made some easy dishes to go along with the meat.

IT was a fun night. I laid on the couch and swelled.....normal.
Miss Priss and I watched the "Wizard of OZ."

And the maniac men were yelling and fighting over "Moisture Farms" and "who owed who rent" on weird named real estate.

The last two players, playing at the end of the night were of husband and Gabe.
Gabe Won!
He is so his Daddy. He held out just to win over his Dad. HA!!

At that point.....Caleb fell asleep on the couch. Luke was laying on the floor nearly asleep.....Miss Priss went to bed, I laid on the love seat and at that point I was watching a "European travel" show on the "Travel Channel" about Edinbourgh Scotland.

Gabe's going to England and Scotland in March so he was thrilled to see it while yet beating his Daddy at the game they were heavily into finishing out.

I was thrilled to go to bed finally......about 12:30'ish when the game was over.
I took my meds and went off to dream.

A good time was had by all.

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FeatherIron said...

I can't believe that is your boys! They are all grown and handsome!