Sunday, November 11, 2007

The "Woods" of Oz

I got this photo sent to me today by our good friend Doug who used to live here in Baton Rouge. He and his wife now live in Alabama.
They have two sweet, little children.

When Doug read my "Mahan Men Game Night" posting today......he saw the part about me and "Miss Priss" watching the "Wizard of Oz" the other night and remembered he had a photo they had taken of their kids dressed up like
"Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion" that they had taken at their church Fall Festival that he wanted to send to us.

He just sent it tonight with a very funny letter.....of course.

Don't ever expect anything but crazed humor from Doug.
We love and miss him.

He and his family are all doing really, really, good right where they are!

Oh and he made this little "threat" too......

"Don and Gabe were fortunate I was not there to whip their hineys in Star Wars Monopoly."To which I say on behalf of the "Mahan Men......"

"Bring it on Esse."
You got yourself a "Star Wars Monopoly" challange now.
Come see us anytime....or we MAY come there. HA!

Look at these two wonderful children.

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