Friday, December 28, 2007

Engagement "Congrats" to Rache

Here's our family friend "Rache" from England looking like a "Blonde Bombshell" and in fact she sort of is....isn't she?

Rache sent me an e-mail early on "Boxing Day" reporting that her boyfriend had just "proposed" to her on Christmas Day and produced a lovely ring and all.
Her parents she stated to me.......
"Over the Moon!"
I'm sure that they are.

No date is set as of now for the "Wedding"...and I have told her since I've known her which was from the time she was 14 years old.....that I would come to England for her wedding one day.

So Miss Priss, and I have a "social event" to attend one day in the future.

Rache graduates from Oxford University this year. She tells me though she is in "no hurry" for the wedding because she wants to "plan it perfect." To which I agree.

I tried to get her to "squeeze" it into this new year sometime since we are trying to plan our Anniversary trip over there anyhow.
However..... I don't think she's going to arrange such a big ordeal around my little trip.

Which means.....we will just simply have to go AGAIN!!! HA!

The prospective Bride Groom is a "Professional Footballer"..... in otherwords he is a "Soccer player" to us Americans.....and plays for a Football (Soccer) League in England.

He is a "Midfielder." Whatever that is. HA! Sorry I know nothing about the game really.
He plays for a team called......the "Brighton/Hoves."They are obviously, hence the name......based out of Brighton.

I don't know much about all this British "Football" business, but I do know that these two young people love each other very much.
And I am glad for that.

"Cheers" to you BOTH and the very strongest of "best wishes for a great life together" from our entire family.

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