Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Day photos........

Our family had a very relaxing and "quiet" non-eventful Christmas Day.
Just what we needed actually. It was a very nice day inside and outside. The best thing was that we were all together. That is what is most important of all to us....."presence more than presents."

You can't take "things" with you later.....but you can take "people."
Don reading the "Christmas Story" and explaining certain things to the kids.

He does this every year so that they "don't forget the REAL meaning of Christmas"...he then expounds on certain points.. and always asks them different "questions" to make them"What was the gift of Frankincense used for" and "How do you think Jesus' parents felt about their baby being given the gift of Myrrh?"

To which they then all answer various things. They really get involved in this which is cool. It's interesting to listen to their "thoughts" on these things.

Luke "loving" his accessories for his "new bedroom" which was Caleb's "old bedroom" we have just finished remodeling.

Miss Priss in her new "Peruvian Beanie" she can go to "Machu Picchu."
Caleb who also has a "December birthday" received birthday AND Christmas presents this day. He "cashed" in.....if you get what I mean.
Danny O'Shea, being a very "sweet" Christmas Dog.

IT finally all becomes "too much fun" for Big Daddy.....zzzzzZZZZZZ.

Sorry for the "blurrs" and crazy darkness in the battery was nearly dead on my camera and I was having loads of fun dealing with it. I was glad I got these shots even. Ugh!

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